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Available Languages

Available Languages for SobiPro.
If your language is not in the list, you are welcome to translate the language files for SobiPro into your language.
We are using Transifex, an online tool for translation of SobiPro language packages and application translations. If you want to help the SobiPro translation teams, sign up at Transifex for free and join the team of your language. If your language does not exist, you can request the creation of a your language.
There are also some instructions for creating a SobiPro language package in your language for your own site.

Install a SobiPro language package in the Application Manager of SobiPro or via SobiPro Repository.
Do NOT remove the English language files delivered and installed with SobiPro.

Available Languages for SobiPro

SobiPro is available in the following languages. Please click on the language name to download the language package.
Missing texts of any language are always in English language (if English language is installed on your site and en-GB preload is not switched off).

If a language is not yet available for SobiPro 1.1, you can use the language package of SobiPro 1.0, but there will be missing translations.

LanguageSobiPro 1.1SobiPro 1.0Translation
Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) not yet yes Brazilian-Portuguese Team
Bulgarian (bg-BG) not yet yes Bulgarian Translation Team
Croatian (hr-HR) not yet yes Croatian Translation Team
Czech (cs-CZ) yes yes Czech Translation Team
Danish (da-DK) not yet yes Danish Translation Team
Dutch (nl-NL) not yet yes Dutch Translation Team
Finnish (fi-FI) yes yes Finnish Translation Team
French (fr-FR) yes yes French Translation Team
German (de-DE) yes yes German Translation Team
Greek (el-GR) not yet yes Greek Translation Team
Hungarian (hu-HU) not yet yes Hungarian Translation Team
Indonesian (Bahasia) (id-ID) not yet yes Indonesian Translation Team
Italian (it-IT) yes yes Italian Translation Team
Japanese (ja-JP) not yet yes Japanese Translation Team
Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO) not yet yes Norwegian Translation Team
Persian/Farsi (fa-IR) not yet yes Persian Translation Team
Polish (pl-PL) yes yes Polish Translation Team
Portuguese (pt-PT) not yet yes Portuguese Translation Team
Romanian (ro-RO) not yet yes Romanian Translation Team
Russian (ru-RU) yes yes Russian Translation Team
Simplified Chinese (zh-CN) not yet yes Chinese Translation Team
Slovak (sk-SK) yes yes Slovak Translation Team
Spanish (es-ES) yes yes Spanish Translation Team
Swedish (sv-SE) yes yes Swedish Translation Team
Turkish (tr-TR) not yet yes Turkish Translation Team
Ukrainian (uk-UA) not yet yes Ukrainian Translation Team
Vietnamese (vi-VN) not yet yes Vietnamese Translation Team

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