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PHP, MySQL and Joomla! provide a lot of great and very useful functionality. We are going to revise the SOBI roadmap and plan to add new features into the component.

To add new features it is very helpful to deploy this functionality. However, very often some SOBI2 functions cause problems because SOBI2 is installed on servers which does not provide libraries we use in SOBI2.

Since SOBI 2 version RC 2.9.2 we implemented a method to collect detailed anonymous information about the servers where SOBI 2 component has been installed.

We ask all SOBI2 users to send us these information.

Based on these information we create statistics which will help us with further SOBI development.

We already got a lot of such reports and we want to give thanks to all these users who sent us the report.

If you haven't send us your statistics file, do it now to assist in further SOBI development.

We also would like to share these statistics in the hope that they could help also other developers.

At the moment these statistics are based on about 3400 reports from live servers. We are going to update these data regularly.

Last update: Thu Oct 8 10:00:29 CEST 2009

If you would like to be informed about updates of these statistics, follow us on Twitter here: neo_sigsiu_net  Sigsiu.NET on Twitter

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MySQL Usage
PHP Base Data
PHP Communication Data
PHP Cryptography & Security Data Support
PHP File System Support
PHP Non-Text MIME Output Data Support
PHP String Support
PHP System Functions/Libraries
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Web Server Statistics
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