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Translating Language Files

We are using Transifex, an online tool for translation of SobiPro language packages and application translations. If you want to help the SobiPro translation team, sign up at Transifex for free and join the team of your language. If your language does not exist, you can request the creation of a your language.

We are creating regularly installable language packages from your translations made at Transifex. You will find these language packages in our Download Directory.

A SobiPro language package uses the same installation format as a Joomla! 1.5 language package. It will be installed on Joomla! 2.5/3.0/3.1 via SobiPro Application Manager.

Creating a Language Package for SobiPro for use on your own site

To install a language, you need to create an installable package from the translated files.

Content of a SobiPro language package

A SobiPro language package consists of an xml file and nine *.ini files containing the language texts for your language. Six files for back-end translation in the folder admin and three files for front-end translation in the folder site. Ideally you will translate all nine files.
The installation file install.xml

The installation file install.xml contains information about the language and the translator. Enter your name and URL in this file to recognize you as the author of the translation.
Click to get an example of the file install.xml. (Click right and "Save as ..." to save the file on your PC.)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <install type="language" version="1.5" client="both" method="upgrade">
        <author>name of translator</author>
        <authorEmail>email address of translator</authorEmail>
        <authorUrl>url of translator</authorUrl>
        <translationUrl>url to language in Transifex</translationUrl>
        <copyright>Copyright(C) 2013 Sigsiu.NET GmbH.
            All rights reserved.</copyright>
        <copyright>Copyright(C) name of translator.</copyright>
        <license> GNU/GPL
            Version 3</license>
            <files folder="admin">
            <files folder="site">
        <params />
The name of the language files

To create a package for your language, take the English language files of the SobiPro package as reference.
Language naming convention in Joomla! are language and ISO code. Use the 2- resp. 3-letter language prefix code. The list of country prefix codes is available here.
Easiest way to get the language code for your country is to take a look at the name of the Joomla! language package you've installed on your site. Rename the files according to your country.

Translating SobiPro to share with others

It is much appreciated to share translations for your language with other users of your country.

Translating the files using Transifex

This is the recommended method if you want to share your translation with other users. Translators from Transifex will get mentioned on our sites as a translator for the corresponding language Translation Team.

In Transifex there are two releases, the release 'SobiPro 1.1' and the release 'SobiPro 1.0'. SobiPro 1.1 core files start with 'Core11--' and its application files with 'Apps11--'. For SobiPro 1.0, the files start with 'Core--' and 'Apps--'.

Translate the files either directly using the Transifex editor or by downloading them for translation.

Translating the files directly

You will find the English language files in the SobiPro installation package in the folder Site\usr\locale\ or download a sample SobiPro 1.1 en-GB package from here.

Edit the files and change the texts to the right of the =. To avoid formal errors, we recommend to use Transifex!
When saving the file, make sure to save it with the encoding UTF8 No BOM!

If you update an existing language package, please take always this one which is available in our Download Directory as basis as it could happen that we make formal corrections to a package.

The name of the package

Name of package should be:
where xx-XX is the language code and y.y.x is the SobiPro version you are translating; 1.0.x for SobiPro 1.0 (Sparrow) and 1.1.x for SobiPro 1.1 (Budgie).

Get your package published

Either upload your translations to Transifex or send us your language package by email. After verification, it will be uploaded to Transifex (if your language does not yet exist in Transifex) and published in our Download Directory available for all users. If there are already translated files for your language in Transifex and your package does not derive from them, we are probably not able to publish your package.
Please note, that you have to release your language package/translations with a GNU/GPL compatible license in order get it published on our site.

Creating translations for SobiPro Applications for use on your own site

Also the language files for the SobiPro applications will be translated via our translations teams on Transifex.

If the translation of an app for a language is missing and you want to create your own translation for an application, it is recommended to translate the English translation file(s) of the app (starting with en-GB) which is always included in the package, to your language. Make sure to save them with the encoding UTF8 No BOM!
Replace en-GB with the language code of your language and copy the translated file(s) to the Joomla! language folder of your language.
Please note some apps have more than one language file.

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