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Is Joomla dying?

Let’s face it, Joomla! Is dying! It is really easy to prove; just take a look at this Google trend graph comparing Joomla! with WordPress and Drupal.

Just take a look at this Google trend graph comparing Joomla! with WordPress and Drupal.

Google trends

This is clear for everyone that we are not doing well. Right? Of course NOT !!

For once, the graph is absolutely irrelevant to judge how good each of those projects are doing. This comparison has no meaning other than: how many people are searching at Google for each of those projects. There may be many reasons why the number of searches for Joomla!, and as a matter of fact Drupal, is dropping compared to Wordpress.

Let me be clear about a few things: I am involved in Joomla! project from the beginning. If you know me a little bit you know that I am not afraid to speak the truth when something is going wrong. So is everything alright with Joomla!? No it isn’t. Did we make some severe mistakes? Yes we did. Is the project dying? No it is not! Period.

What you do have to understand is that Joomla! is a project based entirely on the work of volunteers. And despite some people complaining that it can’t work that way, yes it can. It worked for over 10 years with great success. So we clearly showed for many times that it can work. But obviously it can also be a problem, because at some point people may get burned out and then the project isn’t doing so well. And this is the issue we have to address.

But here is something about this project I really love; in hard times people are getting together and doing a really great job. I observed it many times and I am observing it right now. Joomla! Is getting better and better with every release. Since Joomla! 3 we created an extraordinary piece of software and introduced many awesome features. In many cases as the first CMS ever. Joomla! is very secure and user friendly and it will be even better in the future. Additionally we have a great and up to date documentation due to great job of the documentation team. We have new and very well done issue tracker. We redesigned the main website and then the community portal. We have new JUG directory and working on a new event directory. Just to name few examples. And there is a lot more. Does this looks like a dying project?

The Updates-Mess

Many people are complaining about the updates process in Joomla!. I have to admit we have some troubles recently but I simply cannot agree with people saying that every single update is breaking something. It is simply not true. If you feel like that, it is just that, your feeling. I personally know about two small glitches happened in the recent past. But the huge majority of updates works perfectly flawless. And what is more important, all those issues were fixed within hours. Many people probably have no idea how hard the release team was working, under a huge pressure, to fix those problems as soon as possible. They deserve our thank for their hard, voluntary work instead of complaining about them. Of course it happens that after updating your Joomla! Installation something gets broken in some of third party extensions. But then it is not Joomla!’s fault but the author of this extension. And don’t let them fool you; we are releasing so called pre-release versions of the upcoming release so every third party developer can test their code and react to it before. If they don’t then they are irresponsible developers.

So just to sum up: Joomla! Isn’t dying. As a matter of fact in the recent months I saw a really huge progress in this project and I sincerely do hope we can get all together and get the job done. So instead of spreading fear based on pseudo evidence, please help us to make this project better. There is a way every of us can help and this is in our all interest.

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Born in Poland, Radek has been living in Germany for the past fifteen years.
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Radek is a passionate bee-keeper and photograph.

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