Sigsiu.NET News,rssNews from Sigsiu.NET, the company behind SobiPro - best directory component for Joomla! powered websites!Web developmentSigsiu.NET GmbH 2017. All rights reserved. GmbHhttps://www.sigsiu.neten-GBSobiPro2018-01-23T09:33:19+01:00We are back! Suski site and services are finally back online. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused!2018-01-23T09:33:19+01:00Holiday Season Discount Suski Holiday season is coming, and some of us get presents under a Christmas tree. But our Holiday season discount is available for everyone!2017-12-20T13:02:29+01:00Notifications application maintenance release Suski release of the Notifications application is now available to download and in repository.2017-11-29T09:57:53+01:00Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Suski Friday and Cyber Monday are round the corner and we are offering a 15% discount on all Silver and Gold subscriptions from today to Monday! 2017-11-23T06:22:03+01:00Update of SP-GeoMap Field Suski of the SP-GeoMap Field and the Basic SP-GeoMap Field for SobiPro are available. This is a maintenance release addressing a few bugs.2017-11-08T18:05:20+01:00Review & Rating Application Update Suski for the Review & Rating application for SobiPro is available. This is a maintenance release addressing a few bugs.2017-10-31T10:24:45+01:00SobiPro 1.4.3 bug fix release Suski stupid bug has slipped in the last SobiPro version which we fixed now. To say sorry we offer a discount to our Silver and Gold subscriptions.2017-10-19T08:47:59+02:00Joomla Template Directory sprint this weekend Suski whole SobiPro team is attending the Joomla Template Directory sprint this weekend.2017-10-17T09:16:42+02:00SobiPro 1.4.2 available Suski released SobiPro 1.4.2 to address a problem with the latest version of the Calendar field, the modules, and to add the new certificate into SobiPro.2017-10-13T10:06:14+02:00SobiPro 1.4.1 released Suski released SobiPro 1.4.1.It is a maintenance release which addresses a few bugs and issues.2017-09-29T12:07:37+02:00