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Entries Module: Change Entries Limit

Entries Module

Submitted at:  26 May 2018 08:19:52

 At /modules/mod_sobipro_entries/mod_sobipro_entries.xml, field "entriesLimit" is set as a list with predefined values. Would it be possible to either:
[*] Add the option of values of 6, 8, and 12
[*] Change the type from list to integer, ranging from 1 to 20
Reasoning: When displaying in a horizontal format, to display correctly the entry count needs to work with Bootstrap's 12 columns. An entry of 5 will show a gap at the right, for example.

I just don't want to do a core edit that will be overwritten.

This submission has been accepted.

Developer note:

Implemented in Entries Module 3.1

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