SobiPro Club Membership

With a SobiPro club membership you will get support, access to additional applications and to the user documentation for SobiPro and its applications.
Choose between different subscription plans. The plans differ in the scope of services and the subscription period. Additionally we offer application subscriptions in case you need only one or two applications for update.
Additionally to our memberships, we provide individual support and professional SobiPro design services.

Installation Service 270.00

Delivery within 24 hours after payment receipt.

Installation of SobiPro
We install SobiPro for you on your server. This server has to have the most recent Joomla version installed. Please make sure beforehand that your server fulfils the requirements for Joomla and SobiPro.

Installation of applications
SobiPro applications are additional features for SobiPro. We install and configure up to 5 applications for you.

Configuration of 1 directory with categories
We add and configure one directory/section with up to 50 categories and the default SobiPro template.

Setup different fields
We add up to 20 fields at your choice to the directory/section.

Setup SobiPro permissions
We will adjust the SobiPro permissions for the users of your site.

1 month (31 days) access
You will get 1 month (31 days) access to the silver subscription benefits.

All Silver applications
For one month, you will get access to all applications for SobiPro available in Silver subscriptions. Check out that list of applications.

Standard ticket support for SobiPro and silver applications
You will get access to our ticket system for 1 month. Find answers and get help from our support staff for SobiPro core component and applications included in the silver subscription.

Access to online documentation
Access to the user documentation for SobiPro.
You need a manual? You will have access to the online user documentation for SobiPro and its applications for 1 month.

Access to SobiPro's online help system.
By clicking on the 'Help' button in your SobiPro administration panel, you will be redirected to the user documentation with a list of appropriate documents related to the view on that SobiPro administration page (context-sensitive help). This feature will be active for 1 month.

Installation service is what it said - installation. It does not include design and/or layout for a SobiPro nor Joomla! template. If you need SobiPro template design we recommend our individual support for that.
We offer this installation service ONLY for the most recent Joomla version.
Communication and support are in English language (support in Polish language is available if necessary). The documentation is written in English language.
Standard ticket support questions are normally answered within 48 hours or less on working days.
For more information, please read the frequently asked questions. If you have any questions concerning a subscription, please contact us.

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