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Sobi2 Full ChangeLog List

This change log list describes all bug fixes and changes made since Beta 1 of Sobi2. (Mi, 18 Jul 2012)

# Bugfix: XSS Vulnerability in alpha and tag function (Do, 14 Jul 2011)

# Bugfix: XSS Vulnerability in search function

2.9.4 (Mi, 13 Jul 2011)

# Bugfix: Notices in Entry Manager if Status filter is set
# Bugfix: Warnings if searchword with apostrophes
# Bugfix: MySQL errors in fields manager if adding select list/chkbox group options with apostrophe or backslash if magic quotes off
# Bugfix: Deselecting checkboxes while editing an entry
# Bugfix: Wrong (or no) relation ordering with MySQL 5.5.x
# Bugfix: Decimals and Currency for total amount in payment email
# Bugfix: Blind SQL injection
# Bugfix: Escaped character(s) in Meta Keywords/Tags
# Bugfix: Missing catid after saving new entry
# Bugfix: Sender of admin emails
# Bugfix: Checkbox group as required field
# Bugfix: Waysearch-URL not HTML valid

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