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SobiPro Announcement
SobiPro 2.2.3 is available!

As an active customer download the full version of SobiPro from the description page or as a visitor download the demo version.

SobiPro - Most advanced Multi-Content Component for Joomla!

With only one SobiPro installation, you can build any kind of content on your website. It is flexible, fully customisable and mobile friendly.

Solid Foundation

SobiPro is an advanced component that has been originally designed as a directory extension. Due to its extreme flexibility it can be used to create any kind of content.

  • Directory extension
  • CCK features
  • Multi content
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Experience since 2006

We have more than 10 years of experience in developing components for Joomla! with a programming education background.

  • 13 years experience
  • University education
  • Software engineering
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Entry & Category Fields

Add fields to an entry or category to classify your content! There is a huge amount of integrated fields implemented in the core. More fields are available to install.

  • 12 Core Fields
  • Classified content
  • Easy extendable
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Access Control Lists

The SobiPro ACL is entirely based on the native Joomla! user groups concept, allowing you to create different permission rules for specific user groups and for specific directories in front- and back-end.

  • Advanced ACL
  • User group concept
  • Front-end & back-end
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Flexible Template System

SobiPro features a unique template system that allows to choose between different ways to design your website, or combine all of them.

  • Template engine
  • XSL based
  • Flexible system
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Powerful Search

The search function is one of the features that make SobiPro a very powerful tool for site visitors. Almost each field can be configured to show up in the search form.

  • Powerful
  • Highly configurable
  • Search priorities
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Responsive out of the Box

Due to Bootstrap powered templates, you can show your content on any device out of the box. Also the administration panel of SobiPro is completely built with Bootstrap.

  • Mobile ready
  • Responsive layout
  • Bootstrap driven
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Under the Hood

SobiPro is implementing the most advanced and well known web development techniques. Its codebase is following the MVC architecture and makes use of recognised development patterns.

  • MVC architecture
  • OOP design patterns
  • Relational DB
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Advanced Optimisation

To speed up your website, also with a lot of data, SobiPro has several integrated caching mechanisms. A SQLite based data accelerator, a XML view cache and separate JS and CSS file caches are available to improve the performance.

  • Several caching mechanisms
  • CSS & JS minimisation
  • Performance tools
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What our users say about SobiPro screenshot

What our users say about SobiPro

Tons of built-in features and very very flexible. It is designed on XSL templates so you can change anything and also include your own PHP.
Ian Foster, JED review
The Profile Field

The Profile Field

If you want that only registered users may add an entry to your directory (section), they normally have to register themselves first on your site using the Joomla registration form before they can add an entry in your directory. Here the Profile field jumps in and lets your users register in Joomla while adding an entry to your directory (section).

It also allows to create a members directory, where user profiles can be shown with a link to all entries of that user from any or all SobiPro sections on your site.

And third, the Profile field let you show a link and selected data within entries that links back to the user's profile. This is widen used e.g. for blogs, news, articles or similar content.

Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Details View of a Members directory screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entry Form to register screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Selection in Fields Manager screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entry Input Field settings screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entry View Field settings screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entries of an author screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entries of an author screenshot
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