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In the Information Center you will find everything you need to know about SobiPro and its applications!
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SobiPro Applications

We do not include all functionality we offer for SobiPro into SobiPro core. This is a big advantage as you do not get overwhelmed by functions you do not need. Also the core package is more light by doing so. The additional functionality is provided to you by so called applications. The applications integrate themselves into SobiPro as they would be part of it.

Learn more about applications for SobiPro

List of applications within the different subscription plans to enhance SobiPro functionality.

Release and Road Map of SobiPro and its Applicationsupdated

See what was already released and what is coming soon for SobiPro and its applications

SCSS override for SobiPro applications

Shows how to create a CSS override file for applications

SSection specific Applications

List of applications which can be turned on/off for each section separately

The Section Menu

SobiPro's section menu, available for each of your sections (directories)

The ACL Override Application

The ACL override application allows to override the default access for particular entries

The Aggregation Field

The Aggregation Field is an application which allows users to add tags to an entry.

The Calendar Field

The Calendar Field lets you create a date field that features a popup calendar in the Entry Form that lets users easily select a date.

The Category Select Module

A module to select a category from a section and opens it page

The Collection Application

Collect entries in lists, make your favourites list, send emails to authors of entries in a list, compare entries.

The Contact Form Field

The Contact Form Field is an application which adds any kind of contact form to an entry.

The Coupon Field

The Coupon Field allows to give discounts or additional publishing days using a code.

The Disqus Integration Application

Integration of the Disqus commenting function into SobiPro

The Download Field

The Download Field is an application which can be used to up- and download files to a SobiPro entry.

The Entries Module

A module to show entries of a SobiPro section with adjustable sorting order and field settings

The Expiration Application

The Expiration Applications controls entry's expiration, sends emails and let the user renew an entry.

The Favoured Search Applicationnew

Show favoured entries on top of the search results.

The Gallery Field

Show several images of an entry or category in a gallery

The Import/Export Application

With the Import/Export application the administrator of a website can import and/or export specific data.

The Notifications Applicationupdated

The Notifications application will be used to send emails.

The Profile Field

The Profile Field is an application which allows creating a Member Directory.

The QR-Code Field

The QR-Code Field shows a QR Code within a SobiPro entry.

The Review and Rating Application

The Review and Rating application will allow your website users to comment and vote for an entry.

The SP-GeoMap Field

The SP-GeoMap Field is a field which shows a Google map in a SobiPro entry WITH proximity search to a given location.

The BASIC SP-GeoMap Field

The Basic SP-GeoMap Field is an application which shows a Google Map in an SobiPro entry without proximity search.

The SP-GeoMap Module

A module to show entries of a SobiPro section on a Google Map.

The Template Creator Application

The Template Creator application will create installable template packages of a SobiPro template. This is a perfect method to develop your own templates and re-install them on other sites.
SDocument available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

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