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Useful Template Snippets

This section is a bag of tricks. We provide here several useful XSL and PHP code snippets for the SobiPro templates and also some tutorials or how-to's you may find handy.

S Bootstrap's Carousel Slideshow

Add a slideshow to the details view template

S All entries of an author

A code snippet to show all entries of the author in details view

S Format Date and Time

Change the output of the date and time format
Tags: code snippet | date | format | PHP | Time

S Use XSLT condition statements (queries)

Some conditional XSL statements (queries) to use in SobiPro templates

S Create a print button in details view

Easy tutorial about "How to create a print button for an entry"

S Add Google reCAPTCHA to the entry form

A small guide to add Google reCAPTCHA to the entry form of SobiPro

S Add terms agreement to the entry form

A template snippet to add an agree to terms check-box to the entry form

S Show an image with a link in the template

This code snippet shows how to add an image to a link

S Display checkbox group or multi select list in one line

Display a checkbox group or a multi select list in one line separated by a comma
Tags: code snippet | comma | CSS

S Create a simple search module

A code snippet to create a simple search module

S Base fee for an entry

Charge for the whole entry or a base fee

S Maps in hidden containers

How to get maps working with tabs (jQuery, Bootstrap) or other collapsable elements

S Create dependant select list fields

How to create dependant select list fields without the built-in dependancy list function
Tags: code snippet
S Document available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

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