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SobiPro's Search

The SobiPro search function is one of the features that makes SobiPro a very powerful tool for site visitors. Almost each field can be configured to show up in the search form. The result of a search can be refined and filtered using different criteria like the selected category, the address or any other input.
Depending on the field type, you can choose between ...

  • single select list
  • multiple select list
  • checkbox group
  • radio buttons
  • range search
  • general search box

The range search for specific fields allow your visitors to search for numbers. E.g. to search for entries within a particular price range, like between 100 and 200 Euros, or having a particular area.

Use the general search box for a quick list of results for a specific word or phrase. Use the Category filter to restrict the search to specific categories.

Another great feature is the ability to give each field a priority. When searching, this priority is considered and the resulting entries are sorted according to the priority of the field where the search term was found.

SSearch Priority

Learn more about the search priority which determines the ordering of the search results

SSearch Methods dependent on Field Type

SobiPro provides different search methods for the different field types
Tags: field | method | search | type

SPre-defined searches

Create predefines search links for specific search parameters

STroubleshooting itemid=0 and error 403 in search and alpha views

How to avoid itemid=0 and error 403 for SobiPro's search page and alpha listing views

SList all entries in the search

List all entries in SobiPro's serach by default
SDocument available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

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