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There is a lot of stuff, legally necessary such as the legal notice, the terms of service, data privacy statement, cancellation terms, customer information, licenses, idea submission and voting rules, showcase submission and discussion terms and information about paying VAT.

Showcase Submission and Discussion Terms

The Showcase Directory

We provide for our SobiPro club customers (former and current) a possibility to submit their website(s) made with SobiPro.

The following rules apply to customers who submit a website and to customers who participate in the discussion about a website.

On the website www.Sigsiu.NET we provide a section named "Showcase". This section lists websites made with SobiPro and give the possibility to discuss them.

To add a website, you need to login to our site. That means, that only former and current SobiPro club members have the right to submit a website. This honours users which already bought a subscription in the past, and as a side effect it should prevent the showcase directory from getting spammed.

While adding a website, you need to enter a title for the website. Be specific but not too long, as this title identifies your website in the list. The title can be the name (no URL) or a very short description of the website. The title must not exceed 39 characters.
You need to enter also the URL of the website. Do not enter development or staging sites. Adults-only sites are NOT allowed! and will be rejected.
Select if you are the owner of the website or an agency, and select the category which fits best to the type of the website. We have the right to move the website to a different category, if we think it will fit better.
Choose from the list of countries, the one which is your target country. This means if your site is in German and for Germans, select 'Germany'. If your site is targeting several countries, select 'International'.
Tick the checkboxes for the Joomla! and SobiPro versions, used on the website.

There are also some non compulsory information which would help visitors to understand your website, such as a description of your website (what is the website for), a case study of the website (what other extensions are used, how you have reached things, a.s.o.), the SobiPro applications and templates used on the website, a screenshot of your website's home page and the website creator (either the owner of the website or an agency (or friend, neighbour)). To create a screenshot of the website, there are some free services available such as Snapito.

A submitted website needs approval by an administrator to get published. A submitted website can be rejected at this level, if it contains SPAM, adults-only content, advertising, inappropriate language or is otherwise inappropriate or is already added to the directory. This decision is final and not subject of discussion.
You may edit your entry in order to comply with our rules. Your changes need approval by an administrator.
Duplicate websites will be deleted.

If a submitted website is not rejected, it gets published and will be visible for the public in the list of websites. We have the right to correct wrong information.

If a published website will be edited and gets inappropriate, we have the right to un-publish it (until it complies again with our rules).

If the website's URL is invalid, the website gets unpublished.

We have the right to delete the website's entry in our directory at any time, what we will do if the website is not available for a longer time period. You are not entitled to get a website published in our showcase directory. Our decision is final and not subject of discussion.

We may close the complete showcase directory at any time.

Discuss or comment a Website

Our SobiPro club customers (former and current) have the possibility to discuss or comment a website.

There is no anonymous commenting. Your comments are public and will be shown together with your name. With leaving a comment you agree to that.

Discussion comments are published automatically, but are moderated. We have the right to delete a comment if it contains SPAM, advertising, inappropriate language or is otherwise inappropriate. We have the right to exclude users from commenting if they repeatedly break the rules. These decisions are final and not subject of discussion. By participating in the discussion, you accept our rules and the standard terms of netiquette on forums as you can find them for example here.

Favoured Websites

The standard sorting ordering for websites listed in the Showcase directory is random. Some websites are presented as favoured, means they will be shown always on top of the listings and the search results (on page 1 only).

You have the possibility to get your website presented as favoured for a specific time period. After this time period the website will be shown again randomly among all websites, unless you request again to have it presented as favoured.

The maximum sites presented as favoured is 8.

Only websites will be presented as favoured, which fulfills the rules for having a website listed in the Showcase directory. If a website does not longer fulfill these rules, it will be unpublished, even if presented as favoured!

We use the last data you submitted for a membership for invoicing. Nevertheless you need to confirm your country and add your VAT id, if any.

By submitting your request, you confirm that all statements you made are true, otherwise your website cannot be presented as favoured.

These rules are subject to change at any time if we think it is needed.

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