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SobiPro Component

SobiPro is a powerful directory component for Joomla.
With SobiPro you can easily create multiple directories or any type of content.
12 integrated core field types and the possibility to install additional field types gives you everything you need to run any kind of directory.
SobiPro allows to build a business directory or a restaurants guide, a real estate management or a members and profiles directory, a documentation and FAQ area or a download management system, a simple web links or news list, a showcase or even a blog.
Almost any type of directory or content presentation for your Joomla powered website can be realised with SobiPro (most parts of this site are made with SobiPro).
SobiPro is the first directory component for Joomla! to provide category fields. With the category fields you can create more sophisticated and feature rich category pages. All the core fields are available and already several installable fields are supported. Have you noted that the page you are just reading is a category in SobiPro?

SobiPro Component

With a wide range of additional SobiPro applications you can enhance your directories with a lot of features such as a review and rating or a notification system. Various module types are available to present your directory content in different ways. Take a look to our applications for SobiPro.

Earn money with SobiPro. Let your customers submit and manage their content from front-end. Search, filter and view the content depending on Joomla! user groups.

The real power of SobiPro is the amount of customization you have available for your specific website content needs. You can customize all output views of SobiPro through the powerful professional SobiPro template system. SobiPro comes with a fully responsive and highly adjustable default template which doesn't need any customisation. But if you want to set yourself apart from your competitor, design your own template for your directory or use one of the additionally available SobiPro Theme Templates or let you inspire of awesome template functions shown with our Technique Templates.

Available languages:

Arabic (ar-AA)Bosnian (bs-BA)Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)Bulgarian (bg-BG)Catalan (ca-ES)Chinese (zh-CN)Croatian (hr-HR)Czech (cs-CZ)Danish (da-DK)Dutch (nl-NL)English (en-GB)Finnish (fi-FI)French (fr-FR)German (de-DE)Greek (el-GR)Hebrew (he-IL)Hungarian (hu-HU)Indonesian (id-ID)Italian (it-IT)Japanese (ja-JP)Latvian (lv-LV)Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO)Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)Polish (pl-PL)Portuguese (pt-PT)Romanian (ro-RO)Russian (ru-RU)Slovak (sk-SK)Spanish (es-ES)Swedish (sv-SE)Thai (th-TH)Turkish (tr-TR)Ukrainian (uk-UA)Vietnamese (vi-VN)

freeSobiPro Key Features

Incomplete list of key features for SobiPro component


Requirements to run SobiPro successfully

freeRelease and Road Map of SobiPro and its Applicationsupdated

See what was already released and what is coming next for SobiPro and its applications

freeChangelog Listupdated

List of all bug fixes and changes made since RC1 of SobiPro

freeThe Sobi Framework

Information about the Sobi Framwork

freeDifference between Sobi versionsupdated

Check out the differences between the Sobi versions

freeUpgrade SobiPro from an 1.0.x version

Special instructions if you upgrade SobiPro from an 1.0.x version

freeThe Control Panel

The main administration screen of SobiPro component (Control Panel)
SobiPro Component
Version: 1.6.1 stable
Joomla 3.x
Last update: 30 September 2020
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: 78dbd5460ae96b947557ee8bfd20339c
Filesize: 2919.7 kB
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This is a full installation package, including sample data. Use this package if you install SobiPro component the first time or to update your existing SobiPro.

Download Statistics:

Recent version: 1628

All versions from site: 318417

Total Downloads: 318417

SobiPro Clean versionupdated

Full installation package without sample data

SobiPro Header Plugin

SobiPro header plugin, by default included in the SobiPro installation package

SobiPro Javascript Filesupdated

Uncompressed SobiPro Javascript files

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