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SobiPro Component

The Sobi Framework

Last updated: 3. March 2017
Refers to version: 1.0.1

Since version 1.3.3, SobiPro uses the Sobi Framework for common functions. This is the first step needed to provide our community with additional components in the future.

However, there is a necessary requirement to use the framework. This is no new requirement, as it is already compulsory for the SobiPro template settings available since SobiPro 1.3.0.

What to do, if your server does not support Phar?

If your server does not support Phar, it is highly recommended to get in contact with your hosting provider or system administrator to get the Phar extension installed and working.

If you have updated SobiPro and found out that Phar support is not available, ask your hosting provider immediately to install Phar!

In the meantime you can install the Sobi Framework manually.

Install Sobi Framework manually

Sobi Framework as phar archive
Phar archive on the server

While installing SobiPro, the Sobi Framework will be installed into the folder libraries/sobi in your Joomla! installation. The Sobi Framework consists of one phar archive named Sobi-x.x.phar.tar.gz, where x.x is the version number. So the resulting filename can be for example Sobi-1.0.1.phar.tar.gz.

If your server supports Phar, the information are read directly from the archive.

Folder/file structure of Sobi Framework
Folder/file structure of a phar archive

If your server does not support Phar, you need to extract the phar archive. It is 'tar.gz' packed. Copy the archive file to your local PC by either getting it from your server (via SFTP or FTP) or pull it out from the SobiPro installation package. Once on your PC, extract it. On Mac, simply double click on it. For Windows you need a specific archive software to extract tar.gz archives, such as the free 7Zip software.

Folder/file structure of Sobi Framework
Extracted Sobi Framework on your server

Copy now the folders and files from the phar archive to the folder libraries/sobi of your Joomla! installation / server (via SFTP, FTP or deployment). If the extracted files have a surrounding container, e.g. Sobi-1.0.1.phar (typical on Mac), omit this container and copy only its content.

Delete the phar archive Sobi-x.x.phar.tar.gz, where x.x is the version number from your server. If there are still other phar archives, delete them too. If you do not delete the phar archive, SobiPro is still trying to read from the phar archive.

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