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In the Information Center you will find everything you need to know about SobiPro and its applications!
It is also the place to download SobiPro, its applications and language packages.


Enhance your directories!
Get additional functionality for SobiPro with our applications.

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Design your directories!
Check out the different SobiPro templates we have created for you.

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Let your directories speak your language!
SobiPro is translated into more than 30 languages.

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Information Center

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In the Information Center for SobiPro you will find information about the installation and usage of SobiPro and its applications and templates and the possibility to download them. There are descriptions on how to build your own templates for SobiPro or modify them, and other useful information around SobiPro component.

What is SobiPro?

Description and purpose of SobiPro directory component for Joomla! and the possibility to download SobiPro

If you want to see SobiPro in action without installing it, simply visit our demo site. If you haven't already installed SobiPro, just download it - it is free of charge!

Demo Site for SobiPro and its applications Download SobiPro

Getting Started

First steps to setting up the SobiPro component

Installation, Update

Installation and update instructions for SobiPro and its applications

Setting up a directory (section)

Section-dependent settings and functions available for each section (directory)

Entries and Categories

Managing categories and entries in SobiPro

SobiPro's Search

The SobiPro search function is one of the features that makes SobiPro a very powerful tool for site visitors.

SobiPro Templates & Design

SobiPro uses an standardized advanced template engine for the front-end templates. These templates are built in XSL. XSL stands for EXtensible Stylesheet Language, and is a language to process XML documents. With XSL you can build powerful templates.

Global Settings and Functions

The section-independent settings and functions affect all sections (directories) of your SobiPro installation
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