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The Category Field

The category field is used for assigning entries to one or more categories. It's a mandatory field for every section, as every entry must be assigned to at least one category. There are five category field methods available. The most known is the SigsiuTree, which provides all categories within a tree. Additional methods are a single select list, a multiple select list, a populated list and the possibility to assign an entry to a fixed category without having the author to select a category. While the SigsiuTreeand the multiple select list let you chose several categories, the other ones let you select only one category.

A category field is created automatically when creating a new section. You can add additional category fields to a section.

Category Field of SobiPro component - Single Select List method screenshot Category Field of SobiPro component - Sigsiu Tree method screenshot Category Field of SobiPro component - Multiple Select List method screenshot Category Field of SobiPro component - Populated Select List method screenshot

SConfiguration of the Category Field

Configuration settings for a category field

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