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The Notifications Application

The Notifications application for SobiPro is the central email messenger for all emails sent by SobiPro or a SobiPro app.
It sends emails to users/authors and/or administrators on events like add, edit, publish, approve and payment. It also sends the emails for the Review and Rating Application, the Expiration Application or the Contact Form Field (for Contact, Report, Claim Listings or the contact forms you've created) if they are installed.
The Notifications application lets you manage all those sent emails. You can edit and resend them e.g. for payment reminder.

Notifications Application for SobiPro component screenshot

Notifications Application for SobiPro component  - Configuration screenshot Notifications Application for SobiPro component  - Edit and re-send sent messages screenshot Notifications Application for SobiPro component  - Messages list (Message Center) screenshot

Available languages:

Arabic (ar-AA)Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)Bulgarian (bg-BG)Catalan (ca-ES)Chinese (zh-CN)Croatian (hr-HR)Czech (cs-CZ)Danish (da-DK)Dutch (nl-NL)English (en-GB)Finnish (fi-FI)French (fr-FR)German (de-DE)Greek (el-GR)Hungarian (hu-HU)Indonesian (id-ID)Italian (it-IT)Japanese (ja-JP)Latvian (lv-LV)Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)Polish (pl-PL)Romanian (ro-RO)Russian (ru-RU)Slovak (sk-SK)Spanish (es-ES)Swedish (sv-SE)Thai (th-TH)Turkish (tr-TR)Vietnamese (vi-VN)

SNotifications Application Installation

Install the Notifications application with the built-in application manager

SInstallation of Notifications Application via Repository

Installation of the Notifications application via the SobiPro repository

SActivation of Notifications Application

Activation of the Notifications application for a section

SConfiguration of Notifications Application

Configuration of the Notifications application

SEmail Fields and Placeholders for Notifications Application

Description of the email fields, settings and the available placeholders for the Notification application

SManaging Notifications (Message Center)

View, delete, edit and re-send notifications
Version: 2.5.1
Joomla 3.x
Last update: 11 May 2018
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: 4c31204186ef100ee3423ca1261a0b1c
Filesize: 106.9 kB
Downloads: 33 (9623)
To download this file, you need to have a Bronze Subscription or Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription or Notifications App Subscription
Changelog: 2.5.1 (11 May 2018)
(#) Revert modifications from issue #3 as it does not longer work with newest SobiPro

2.5 (3 May 2018)
(!) Database collation for new installations changed to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
(!) Database character set for new installations changed to utf8mb4
(!) Database engine for new installations changed to InnoDB
(#) {payment.methods.html} placeholder doesn't generate any output in the notification email (Issue #2)
(#) typo in language strings
(#) Input field data are not passed to the notification app when entry is saved from front-end (Issue #3)

2.4 (29 November 2017)
(+) Hewbrew language file added (partially translated)
(!) Adaption to SobiPro 1.4 back-end layout

2.3 (31 January 2017)
(+) Placeholders for discounts in payment emails
(#) Reset notifications configuration after update (Issue #1742)

2.2 (25 November 2016)
(+) Indonesian, Latvian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Romanian and Slovak languages added
(!) Left column more wide
(!) Notifications Menu renamed to 'Message Center'
(!) Default message template texts modified
(!) Back-end title text improved for some pages
(#) BCC is not being sent due to spelling issue (Issue #1025)
(#) time offset added to sent date (Issue #1605)
(#) {} placeholder for expiration application added (Issue #1459)
(#) Back-end ACL rule check implemented (Issue #1543)
(#) Deprecated message when sending (Issue #1696)

2.1 (26 July 2013)
(+) Catalan language added (thanks to our translation team; translated partially)
(#) Wrong id for getting custom triggers (results in wrong email template for Review and Rating Application)
(#) Target email displayed to every user in frontend

2.0 (15 May 2013)
(+) Distribution list
(+) SobiPro 1.1 compatibility
(+) Information in administration area about sent messages
(+) Arabic, Czech, Persian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese languages added (thanks to our translation teams) (some languages are only translated partially)
(!) Default message templates
(#) Wrong default texts for payment messages
(#) Wrong section id for default messages

1.0.1 (02 July 2012)
(#) Fixed error in installation routine

1.0 (29 June 2012)
(+) Notifications Manager in administrator area
(+) Possibility to re-send emails
(+) Silent trigger for external Apps
(+) Danish, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish and Chinese Languages added (thanks to our translation team)
(!) Default notifications status set to disabled
(#) Removed junk output
(#) Disabled notifications are shown as disabled in the list
(#) Typo in predefined messages

0.9.2 (6 December 2011)
(+) State is shown in list of notification triggers
(+) Additional action triggers for other SobiPro applications
(+) Swedish, Croatian, Bulgarian and Finnish languages added (thanks to our translation team)
(!) Switched back to use SobiPro mailer (SMTP problem)
(#) Typo in example data

0.9.1 (14 April 2011)
(+) German, Polish and French languages added (thanks to our translation team)
(!) Headers corrected
(#) Typo fixed

0.9.0 - first release (7 March 2011)
SDocument available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

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