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Documents tagged with 'email'

SRenewing an Entry

Renewing an entry with the Expiration application

SEmail Field Nodes (Entry Form)

Description of the XML nodes of the Email field available in the entry form
Tags: email | field | node | nodes | template | XML | XSL | XSLT

SEmail Fields and Placeholders for Notifications Application

Description of the email fields, settings and the available placeholders for the Notifications application

SNotifications Application Installation

Install the Notifications application with the built-in application manager

SEmail Field Configuration

Configuration settings for an email field

SEmail Field Nodes (Views)

Description of the XML nodes of the Email field available in the views (section, category, listing, details view)
Tags: email | field | node | nodes | template | XML | XSL | XSLT

SInstallation of Notifications Application via Repository

Installation of the Notifications application via the SobiPro repository

SActivation of Notifications Application

Activation of the Notifications application for a section

SConfiguration of Notifications Application

Configuration of the Notifications application

SManaging Notifications (Message Center)

View, delete, edit and re-send notifications

SContact Form Field Configurationupdated

Configuration settings for the Contact form field

SPlaceholders for Contact Form Field Emailsupdated

Description of the placeholders used for Contact Form field emails

SConfiguration of Expiration Application

Configuration settings for the Expiration application

SPlaceholders for the Expiration Application

Description of the placeholders used for Expiration application emails

SPlaceholders for Collection Application

Description of available placeholders for the Collection application
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