SobiPro Club Membership

With a SobiPro club membership you will get support, additional applications and documentation for SobiPro and its applications.
We offer several subscriptions plans.

Powerful search

The SobiPro Search is one of the features that make SobiPro a very powerful tool for site visitors. Almost each field can be configured to show up in the search form.

One for all

With SobiPro you can create as many directories and any other content types on your site as you need with only one single SobiPro component installation.


Bring your directory with you on any device. Due to Bootstrap powered templates, you can show your content on any device out of the box


Find answers to your questions

If you want to become a member of the SobiPro Club, you can choose between different subscription plans. Please check the membership descriptions to find out which plans are available and what they contain.

The club membership is a service orientated membership that grants you access to additional resources and benefits. It does not give you any warranty or additional rights related to the products we offer with or without a subscription.

The Club membership is time-limited. The membership period (subscription time) is set according to the selected subscription plan.

Each of the subscription plans includes the time-limited access to the support area (ticket system), the time-limited access to the documentation and according to the chosen subscription plan, additional enhancements (software) for SobiPro and other benefits specified by the respective plan, if any.

 On how many sites may I use the club applications? 
SobiPro and our applications are released under GPL V3 license, means you can install them on as many sites or servers as you wish. Please note the restrictions for our SobiPro templates.
 Can I use the club applications after my membership expires? 
Of course you can! But you will not be able to download new releases.
 Can I get updates of the club applications after my membership expires? 
During the subscription period, you have access to updates for applications, included in the respective subscription plan. To get updates or new versions after expiration of your subscription, you must purchase a subscription again.
 Can I upgrade my subscription to a higher level? 
Not automatically. Please contact us beforehand.
 Can I buy a single application? 
Yes. Since September 2016 we offer also single applications.
 Where can I see the club applications in action? 
You can take a look at our demo site. Most applications can be seen there. Also this site is made with SobiPro.
 Where do I get support for SobiPro or the club applications? 
With an active subscription you have access to the support area. Please note, support is limited to the applications available in your subscription plan.
 Does a subscription include personal phone or email support? 
No. Standard support is available only in the support area. If you need individual support, please contact us.
 I need a specific layout for my directory. Do you offer SobiPro template modifications? 
Yes. We offer SobiPro template modifications as a service. Please contact us to get your individual offer.
 I bought a subscription, but can't get access to the support area or the documentation, nor download a club application. Why? 
You need to logout and back in to bring your new access rights in effect.
 Do you provide the manual in PDF? 
No. All club documentations are available only on-line.
 Do you provide developer documentation? 
At the moment there is no developer documentation available.
 Which language is used for the documentation and support? 
All documentations and articles on our site are written in English. The main language used in the SobiPro ticket system is English too. We can also provide native support in Polish. For other languages we handle the support using automatic translations.
 Can I modify SobiPro or the club applications? 
Yes. For all our products (software) which are released under the GNU/GPL V3 License, there are additional terms in effect according to section 7 of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Please pay attention to them.
 Does SobiPro and the applications work on all Joomla! systems? 
The target CMS is indicated with coloured badges in the download description of SobiPro and the applications.
 Which club applications are available? 
We provide a list of available applications. Please note, not all applications are available for each subscription type.
 The application I need is not yet available. When will it be developed? 
The estimated development dates are given on our roadmap. Information which are not stated there, aren't yet known.
 I heard about a component Sobi2. What is the difference between Sobi2 and SobiPro? 
Sobi2 is the predecessor of SobiPro. You will find more information in the article Difference between SobiPro and Sobi2.
 I still use Sobi2. Can I get support for it with a subscription? 
No. We do not longer support Sobi2. The SobiPro subscriptions do not include support or other benefits for the Sobi2 component and/or extensions for Sobi2.

A club membership does not include the right to services which are not stated explicitly. I.e. by purchasing a subscription, you are not entitled to get individual support from the developers of SobiPro, to the creation or modification of web pages or templates (Joomla! or SobiPro templates) or to changes of any kind to the program code of SobiPro, of the software included in your subscription plan, or any other software made available by us. If you need more than our subscriptions include, please check out the Development Services we offer.

This website and all texts and images therein are copyrighted and protected by law. You may not publish, distribute or sell them or parts of it without explicit written permission of Sigsiu.NET GmbH.

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