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The Collection Application

The Collection application lets your users and/or visitors 'collect' entries from a SobiPro section. These entries can be collected either only in the general collection list, the so called Favourites, or in specific collection lists.

Each user, even guests have their own collections. Collections can be shared with others by email invitation. Emails can be send to the owners of the collected entries.

Collection Application for SobiPro component screenshot

This Collection Application can be used for:

  • Create one or more favourites lists
  • Create a comparison list
  • Create a list of people/companies to contact
  • and many more...

The Collection Application contains three different templates which allow to present entries in a collection as a horizontal or vertical table or as a list.

Add Favourites Button in Details View
Add Favourites Button in the Listing Views
Manage Collections
Collections as Comparison List
Collection Settings
Entry View Settings
Listing Settings
Message Template
Templates included in the Application

Available languages:

Bosnian (bs-BA)Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)Catalan (ca-ES)Chinese (zh-CN)Croatian (hr-HR)Dutch (nl-NL)English (en-GB)French (fr-FR)German (de-DE)Hungarian (hu-HU)Indonesian (id-ID)Italian (it-IT)Latvian (lv-LV)Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)Polish (pl-PL)Russian (ru-RU)Slovak (sk-SK)Spanish (es-ES)Swedish (sv-SE)Turkish (tr-TR)

SCollection Application Installationupdated

Install the Collections application with the built-in application manager

SInstallation of Collection Application via Repositoryupdated

Installation of the Collection application via the SobiPro repository

Update a SobiPro application

Update notifications and updating SobiPro applications

SActivation of Collection Application

Activation of the Collection application for a section

SConfiguration of Collection Applicationupdated

Configuration of the Collections application

SPlaceholders for Collection Applicationupdated

Description of available placeholders for the Collection application

SUsage of the Collection Applicationupdated

How to collect entries and manage collections
Version: 1.1
Joomla 3.x
Last update: 28 March 2019
SobiPro 1.4.10
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: 220733c8185540773d26227beb019dc7
Filesize: 102.2 kB
Downloads: 16 (recent version)
Downloads: 718 (all versions)
Downloaded from repository: 2550 (all versions)
Total Downloads: 3268
To download this file, you need to have a Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription or Collection App Subscription
Changelog: 1.1 (28 March 2019)
(+) Bootstrap 3 support in XSL templates
(+) CSS style sheet
(+) Usage of Template Storage
(+) Button 'Remove from Favourites' added
(+) Setting to not delete empty lists
(+) Several languages added
(+) Entries ordering for collections views implemented
(+) Comparison style added to template table-vertical
(+) Collection empty message added
(+) Collection name shown for shared collections

(!) Layout improvements (all template files revised)
(!) Template/CSS adaptions for default3 template
(!) Left column more wide
(!) Adaption to SobiPro 1.4 back-end layout
(!) If entry is on a collection the button gets active too
(!) Unselect selected entries after sending message
(!) Template 'table' now always shows the field labels
(!) Collection view now shows all fields which are not set to be hidden or disabled
(!) Browser title and pathway improved
(!) If sharing is disabled, collections can't be set to public

(#) Blanks are removed from CSS settings
(#) 500: Too few arguments for SPCollectionAdmCtrl::save
(#) Only variables should be passed by reference
(#) Collection list shows entries of all sections
(#) Link to collection lists vanishes if entry was removed from a list
(#) Ajax pagination does not work correctly (template files modified)
(#) List of fields to skip does not longer show the name field (cannot be set to skip)
(#) Prompt for new collection name missing
(#) PHP 7.2 incompatibility warnings

1.0 (25 May 2015) - first release
Remarks: Requirements:
  • Notifications Application
  • Contact Form Field
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