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The Voting Application

The Voting Application

The SobiPro Voting application lets your visitors or registered users vote up and/or down entries in a SobiPro section (like on Stackoverflow). Voting can be done inline in the details view or in the vCards of an entry. Management screen to see all votes of the users in administration panel.

Voting in vCard
Voting in Details view
Voting Configuration Settings

Available languages (some languages are only partially translated):

Danish (da-DK)English (en-GB)German (de-DE)

SVoting Application Installation

Installation of the Voting application with the built-in application manager

SInstallation of the Voting Application via Repository

Installation of the Voting application via repository

freeUpdate a SobiPro application

Update notifications and updating SobiPro applications

SActivation of Voting Application

Activation of the Voting application for a section

SConfiguration of the Voting Application

Configuration settings for the Voting application
The Voting Application
Joomla 5Joomla 4Joomla 3SobiPro 2.3.6
Last update: 27 November 2023
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: d89e916c92ef7157cd790bf7b78af837
Filesize: 47.5 kB
To download this file a Bronze Subscription or Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription is needed.
Version: 1.0
Joomla 3.xSobiPro 1.5
Last update: 9 March 2020
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: d1acb04a403236e659959778100b723c
Filesize: 34.3 kB
To download this file a Bronze Subscription or Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription is needed.
Download Statistics:

Recent version: 101

All versions from site: 101

All versions from repository: 231

Total Downloads: 332

Download Statistics:

Recent version: 22

All versions from site: 38

All versions from repository: 28

Total Downloads: 66


2.0.1 build 0 (27 November 2023)

(+) Languages added
(#) Wrong action log text if vote was given anonymous
(#) Handling of deleted entries in voting management was missing

2.0 build 0 (07 June 2023)

(+) Backend layout rewritten to use Bootstrap 5 and Font Awesome 5
(+) Danish language added
(+) Action logging added
(+) Elimination of jQuery dependency (jQuery free)
(!) Uncompressed javascript file is no longer copied to the server
(!) Voting icons now selectable from a list
(#) Global Configuration, ACL and Extensions back-end menus not protected by ACL settings
(#) PHP 8.1 compatibility changes

1.0 first public release (9 March 2020)

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