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The Checkbox Group Field

The Checkbox Group field is useful for listing out options with a check box next to them in the entry form of SobiPro. The results of the checked boxes will be displayed by default as an unordered list in the front-end views. The main difference between a Check Box Group field and the Radio Buttons field is, that only one single option can be chosen from a Radio Buttons field while multiple options can be chosen for the Check Box Group field.
When you have the Radio Buttons field enabled for SobiPro's search, a multiple select list, or check boxes will be shown to the site visitor, to choose multiple options at once, or a single select list, or radio buttons to choose only one option.

SConfiguration of the Checkbox Group Field

Description of the parameters of a checkbox group field

SThe INI (Options) Definition File

Upload an INI file with predefined options

SCheckbox Group Field Nodes (Views)

Description of the XML nodes of the Checkbox Groups field available in the views (section, category, listing, details view)
Tags: node | nodes | template | transform | view | XML | XSL | XSLT

SCheckbox Group Field Nodes (Entry Form)

Description of the XML nodes of the Checkbox Group field available in the entry form
SDocument available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

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