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The SP-GeoMap Field

With proximity search!

SP-GeoMap field for SobiPro component screenshot

The SobiPro SP-GeoMap Field extends the types of possible fields for SobiPro with a field type for showing the location of an entry on a Google map. While editing an entry, it creates coordinates based on the geo-location of the current IP address of the author, or of the entered address. Thereupon the entry will get a map with a marker on its location in the details view.

The field gives you also the possibility to do a proximity search to find entries within the proximity to a given location. This is a RADIUS SEARCH without the LIMITATION to a radius. With this improved usability the selection of an entry can be done immediately without changing the radius and perform a re-search if the results don't fit the idea.

Key Features:

  • Google map for each entry to show its location on a map
  • Map sizes and zoom level adjustable
  • Satellite, Roadmap, Hybrid and Terrain views
  • Zoom Control, Map Type Control, Scale Control, Street View Control adjustable
  • Geo location based on a given address while adding an entry
  • Alternatively IP based browser geo location while adding an entry
  • Proximity search for entries within distance of a given address or of the current position
  • No LIMITATION to a radius; no need to change the radius and perform a re-search if the results don't fit the idea
  • Several providers for geo location in search view available
  • Auto-complete of addresses for geo location in search view available
  • Distances shown in search results either in miles or in kilometres
  • Google API key support
  • SSL support
  • Responsive on mobile sites
Map in details view
Map in entry form
Proximity search in search view
Search results with distances shown
Add a new SP-GeoMap field
General Field Settings
Entry Input Field Settings
Entry View Field Settings
Search Field Settings

Available languages:

Arabic (ar-AA)Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)Bulgarian (bg-BG)Catalan (ca-ES)Chinese (zh-CN)Croatian (hr-HR)Czech (cs-CZ)Danish (da-DK)Dutch (nl-NL)English (en-GB)Finnish (fi-FI)French (fr-FR)German (de-DE)Greek (el-GR)Hungarian (hu-HU)Indonesian (id-ID)Italian (it-IT)Japanese (ja-JP)Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)Polish (pl-PL)Romanian (ro-RO)Russian (ru-RU)Slovak (sk-SK)Spanish (es-ES)Swedish (sv-SE)Thai (th-TH)Turkish (tr-TR)Vietnamese (vi-VN)

SSP-GeoMap Field Installationupdated

Install the (Basic) SP-GeoMap field with the built-in application manager

SInstallation of SP-GeoMap Field via Repositoryupdated

Installation of the SP-GeoMap field via repository

SSP-GeoMap Field Configurationupdated

Configuration settings for the SP-GeoMap field

SSP-GeoMap Field Nodes (Views)updated

Description of the XML nodes of the SP-GeoMap field available in the views (section, category, listing, details view)

SSP-GeoMap Field Nodes (Search Form)updated

Description of the XML nodes of the SP-GeoMap field available in the search form

SSP-GeoMap Field Nodes (Entry Form)updated

Description of the XML nodes of the SP-GeoMap field available in the entry form

SEntering Coordinates in the Formupdated

Shows how to add geographical coordinates ton entry/category via the wntry/category form

SBatch adding Coordinatesupdated

Creating geographical coordinates for entries or categories via batch geo-coding services
Version: 3.5
Joomla 3.x
Last update: 10 July 2018
SobiPro 1.4.4
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: cbdfbe50b6e96a63aae84b322297f666
Filesize: 101.0 kB
Downloads: 63 (2560)
To download this file, you need to have a Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription or SP-Geomap Field Subscription
Changelog: ### 3.5 (10 July 2018)
(+) Warning if site has no HTTPS protocol but determine location is used
(+) Warning if no address fields are set to localise the address on the map from fields data
(+) Determine location can be switched off on search page (for sites without SSL)
(+) Category fields compatible
(+) Configuration field for Google API key added
(-) Suffix removed
(-) MapQuest API key removed; please get your own API key from MapQuest
(-) Google API parameter 'signed_in' removed as marked as deprecated
(!) Database collation for new installations changed to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
(!) Database character set for new installations changed to utf8mb4
(!) Database engine for new installations changed to InnoDB
(#) Notices in entry form for guests
(#) General CSS class (spClassMap) missing in details view
(#) Responsive layout fixed
(#) Notices in search results if no results or no location given

3.4 (8 November 2017)
(+) Auto-generate placeholder for alias field (nid)
(!) Field version info moved to 'General Field Settings'
(!) Adaption to SobiPro 1.4 back-end layout
(-) Google map options 'Pan Control' and 'Overview Map Control' removed as no longer available
(-) Google API parameter 'sensor' removed
(#) CSS added, otherwise some Google map options are not shown
(#) MapQuest map too small in search
(#) MapQuest map overwrites field below if several proposed locations are shown
(#) Script URL for Google search wrong
(#) Provider 'Google Autocomplete' and setting 'Autocomplete' disabled shows non-functioning search button
(#) Ajax loading progress bar not loaded on new SobiPro sites, changed to default spinner
(#) API key for 'Google' is reverted to API key for 'Google Autocomplete' (Issue #1)
(#) If the entry owner may see (own) unapproved entries, the map was not shown (Issue #2)
(#) Auto approval state (copy flag) corrected

3.3 (10 December 2015)
(+) Additional CSS class node attributes in add/edit form (css-edit), details view (css-view) and search form (css-search)
(+) Different default class selectors
(+) Possibility to switch the field label off in entry form
(+) Adjustable search field width (span, col)
(+) Implementation of Bootstrap 3 HTML output in search form
(+) CSS style sheet
(+) Catalan, Indonesian and Latvian Languages added (thanks to our translation teams)
(!) No fixed heights by default
(!) Field width settings changed from px to Bootstrap classes (span, col)
(!) Protocol of site is used automatically for Google URLs
(!) Resizing script in search removed
(#) HTML validation error if no map width given
(#) Google autocomplete script doesn't work anymore
(#) Wrong proximity search sorting (Issue #1473)

3.2 (15 May 2015)
(+) Added Google 'Autocomplete' as search provider
(+) Portuguese-Brazilian and Romanian languages added, Chinese updated (thanks to our translation teams)
(#) Limiting number of results according to the search.result_limit setting
(#) Not possible to change the script location for the search function

3.1 (13 August 2014)
(!) Czech, Danish, Farsi, Finnish, Croatian and Italian languages updated (thanks to our translation teams)
(#) Empty search returns all entries with distance relative to position 0,0 (Issue #1286)
(#) SP-GeoMap Field on empty search returns all entries (Issue #1279)
(#) Proximity search returns all results when the previous search returned only one entry (Issue #1275)
(#) "this.Opt.Fields is null" bug (Issue #1263)
(#) Field is searching via general search string in the baseData table

3.0 (12 May 2014)
(+) Proximity Search

2.0 (12 May 2014)
(+) Coordinates to the data attributes
(+) Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Farsi, Dutch, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Slovak, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese languages added (thanks to our translation teams); (some languages are translated only partially)
(+) Possibility to choose unit of the map dimensions
(+) Full compatibility with SobiPro 1.1
(+) Map is now fully responsive
(!) No geo location by default; added a button to locate user
(!) Rewrote of JavaScript files; extended jQuery; no initialising code, switched to listener instead
(!) Splitting JavaScript functions to details view and edit view separately
(#) Coordinates cannot longer be edited manually (Issue #639)
(#) Set as required corrected (Issue #1111)
(#) Conflict with Entries Module solved (Issue #1080)
(#) Empty coordinates fields are not longer stored as 0 (Issue #599)

1.0 (13 October 2011)
(+) Swedish Language (thanks to our Swedish translation team )
(+) Possibility to add coordinates to meta data
(#) Fixed several JavaScript errors to make it usable with JavaScript compression
(#) Initial disable works now if the field is a non-free one

0.9.3 (11 April 2011) - first public release
Remarks: This is the full version of the SP-GeoMap Field.
It provides an entry with geographic coordinates via the entry input form, adds a map (Google map) into the details view of an entry and provides a proximity search in the search view.
SDocument available for subscribers only (dependend on subscription type).

Copyright (C) 2006-2018 Sigsiu.NET GmbH ( All rights reserved.

This documentation and all images therein are copyrighted and protected by law. You may not publish, distribute or sell them or parts of it without explicit written permission of Sigsiu.NET GmbH.

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