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The first BETA version of SobiPro 2.0 is here to test!

As an active customer download the full version of SobiPro from the description page or as a vistor download the demo version.

Please note that this release should not be used on production sites!

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The Contact Form Field

The Contact Form Field

The SobiPro Contact Form Field is an application which adds any kind of contact form to an entry.

The Contact Form field comes with four pre-defined contact form templates to easily add a Contact Author, Claim Listing, Report Listing or Reservation Form to the details view of the entries in your directory.

But the Contact Form field is not limited to these contact forms. The Contact Form field gives you the possibility to create any kind of form which meaning is to send via email some information to either the author of an entry or to the site administrator or to both or to any other email address. With that you can create for example a survey, ask the user for some data, and many more purposes.

The pre-defined contact forms can be enhanced by additional HTML fields such as input fields, textarea fields, select lists, radio buttons, checkboxes and datepickers. Also own contact forms can be easily created. In this way it is possible to create any kind of contact form.

You can show all data available in the details view also in the contact form, with that you can e.g. welcome a registered user in the form or show information which is not shown in the view, or repeat a specific information.

All field data available in the view can also be used to send along with the contact email by the usage of so called placeholders.

As the Contact Form field uses the Notifications Application to send the emails, all contact messages are listed in the Message Center (Notifications).

Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - different contact buttons in details view
Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - contact author of listing
Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - claim a listing
Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - report a listing
Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - responsive on mobile
Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - entry view field settings
Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - email template settings
Contact Form Field for SobiPro component - sent emails

Available languages:

Arabic (ar-AA)Bosnian (bs-BA)Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)Catalan (ca-ES)Chinese (zh-CN)Croatian (hr-HR)Czech (cs-CZ)English (en-GB)Finnish (fi-FI)French (fr-FR)German (de-DE)Greek (el-GR)Hungarian (hu-HU)Indonesian (id-ID)Italian (it-IT)Japanese (ja-JP)Latvian (lv-LV)Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)Polish (pl-PL)Romanian (ro-RO)Russian (ru-RU)Slovak (sk-SK)Spanish (es-ES)Swedish (sv-SE)Thai (th-TH)Turkish (tr-TR)Vietnamese (vi-VN)

Since version 2.2, the Contact Form field comes with completely rewritten template files. The issue #1 ('required parameter works only for email field') could be solved only by rewriting the templates. If you do not care of this issue, you can leave your templates as they are, they will still work with version 2.2 and 2.3 of the Contact Form field. If you need to have fields set to be required, you need to use the new template files.

SContact Form Field Installation

Install the Contact form field with the built-in application manager

SInstallation of the Contact Form Field via Repository

Installation of the Contact Form field via Sigsiu.NET (SobiPro) repository

freeUpdate a SobiPro application

Update notifications and updating SobiPro applications

SContact Form Field Configuration

Configuration settings for the Contact form field

SPlaceholders for Contact Form Field Emails

Description of the placeholders used for Contact Form field emails

SContact Form Field Nodes (Details View)

Description of the XML nodes of the Contact Form field available in details view

SThe Contact Form Templates

Description of the different form templates

SDefining own Fields in a Form

Create your own form fields in a Contact form

SDefining own Contact Forms

Create your own Contact Form
The Contact Form Field
Version: 2.3
Joomla 3.xSobiPro 1.5.3
Last update: 23 July 2020
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: 8bc2aeda7eb81e0ed78d03333bd77ca8
Filesize: 105.7 kB
To download this file a Bronze Subscription or Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription or Contact Form Field Subscription is needed.
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Remarks: Requirements:
  • Notifications Application, at least v2.6
Download Statistics:

Recent version: 106

All versions from site: 6529

All versions from repository: 7428

Total Downloads: 13957


2.3 (23 July 2020)

(+) Im- and export methods to handle messages data with the Template Packager
(+) Possibility to add 'Reply To' email addresses
(!) Does not longer support suffix as it does not make sense
(!) Field set to not im-/exportable
(!) No hardcoded colour for required star sign (use CSS class)
(#) DOMDocument::load may be called statically, but will issue an E_STRICT error
(#) Arabic language file name corrected
(#) Inline form is shown twice if show inline form is set to manually

2.2 (29 July 2019)

(+) Required contact form fields get a red border (CSS)
(+) A star indicating 'required' is added to the labels of required fields (template)
(+) Usage of template storage
(+) Languages updated; some languages are translated only partially
(!) Bootstrap 2 CSS not longer loaded in DV
(!) Field version info moved to 'General Field Settings'
(!) Adaption to SobiPro 1.4 back-end layout
(!) Usage of icon replacement function
(!) Bootstrap 3 templates use Font Awesome 4 icons
(!) Modal templates do not longer require the inline template setting 'automatically'; however inline templates require the term '-inline' in its file name
(#) Excluding template insertion in non details view templates (Issue #1520)
(#) Required parameter does not work (template) (Issue #1)
(#) Changed send form parameter from 'send' to 'mhoro4w5' (template) (Issue #3)

2.1 (31 December 2015)

(+) Additional CSS class node attributes in details view (css-view)
(+) Default class selectors
(+) Bootbox for Bootstrap 3
(+) Bootstrap 3 support in XSL templates
(+) Reservation Form template
(+) Bosnian, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese and Slovak languages added (thanks to our translation teams); some languages are translated only partially
(!) Templates adapted to new default3 template of SobiPro 1.2
(#) Unused field parameters set to default values (Issue #1503)
(#) Additional form in inline mode (Issue #1276)
(#) Duplicate ids if several forms used
(#) Contact form button can't be translated (Issue #1070)

2.0 (31 August 2013)

(+) SobiPro 1.1 compatibility
(+) Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Greek, Persian, Finnish, French, Croatian, Japanese, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and Chinese languages added (thanks to our translation teams); some languages are translated only partially
(!) Separate templates for modal and inline contact form
(!) Improved template implementation method

0.5.0 - first release (10 July 2012)

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SDocument available for subscribers only. You do not have access.

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