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Greek Language


Download the Greek language package for SobiPro (el-GR) and the newest language files for SobiPro applications.

Greek Team (Greece)

Active team member: -
Former team members: Asterios Proskolis, Chrysovalantis Mochlas, rammsteing1, liarosge, Kostas Stathakos, pierostz

Language Files for Applications

The applications for SobiPro always include all language files, which were available at the time of the last release of the application. Translations made later can be downloaded separately. Do not use the files available in Transifex as they do not work correctly with Joomla 3.7+.

Download the latest uploaded application language files.

Copy the downloaded language files to your server into the folder /language/el-GR/.

Please note, some applications have two language files.
Version: 3.1
Joomla 3.x
Last update: 19 April 2017
SobiPro 1.3+
Author: Greek Translation Team
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: 0e7b3a838075889bb9c356199a1927c0
Filesize: 45.9 kB
Downloads: 54 (recent version)
Downloads: 1927 (all versions)
Downloaded from repository: 792 (all versions)
Total Downloads: 2719

Install the language package in SobiPro Application Manager or via SobiPro Repository!
Do NOT remove the English language files delivered and installed with SobiPro.

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