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SobiPro Announcement
The first BETA version of SobiPro 2.0 is here to test!

As an active customer download the full version of SobiPro from the description page or as a vistor download the demo version.

Please note that this release should not be used on production sites!

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The Profile Field

The Profile Field

If you want that only registered users may add an entry to your directory (section), they normally have to register themselves first on your site using the Joomla registration form before they can add an entry in your directory. Here the Profile field jumps in and lets your users register in Joomla while adding an entry to your directory (section).

It also allows to create a members directory, where user profiles can be shown with a link to all entries of that user from any or all SobiPro sections on your site.

And third, the Profile field let you show a link and selected data within entries that links back to the user's profile. This is widen used e.g. for blogs, news, articles or similar content.

Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Details View of a Members directory screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entry Form to register screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Selection in Fields Manager screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entry Input Field settings screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entry View Field settings screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entries of an author screenshot Profile Field for SobiPro component  - Entries of an author screenshot

Available languages:

Arabic (ar-AA)Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)Bulgarian (bg-BG)Catalan (ca-ES)Chinese (zh-CN)Croatian (hr-HR)Czech (cs-CZ)Danish (da-DK)Dutch (nl-NL)English (en-GB)Finnish (fi-FI)French (fr-FR)German (de-DE)Greek (el-GR)Hungarian (hu-HU)Indonesian (id-ID)Italian (it-IT)Japanese (ja-JP)Latvian (lv-LV)Persian/Farsi (fa-IR)Polish (pl-PL)Romanian (ro-RO)Russian (ru-RU)Slovak (sk-SK)Spanish (es-ES)Swedish (sv-SE)Thai (th-TH)Turkish (tr-TR)Vietnamese (vi-VN)

SProfile Field Installation

Install the Profile field with the built-in application manager

SInstallation of the Profile Field via Repository

Installation of the Profile field via Sigsiu.NET (SobiPro) repository

freeUpdate a SobiPro application

Update notifications and updating SobiPro applications

SProfile Field Configuration

Configuration settings for creating a Profile field

SUsage and Behaviour of the Profile Field

Description of the behaviour of the Profile Field in frontend and administrator area

SProfile Configuration Method I

Use the Profile Field to let your users register while adding an entry in the directory (section) - Method I

SProfile Configuration Method II

Use the Profile Field to let your users register in a separate members section - Method II

SProfile Field Nodes (Details View)

Descripion of the XML nodes of the Profile Field in the details view

SProfile Field Nodes (Entry Form)

Description of the XML nodes of the Profile field as input field, available in the entry input form
The Profile Field
Version: 2.4
Joomla 3.xSobiPro 1.5
Last update: 13 February 2020
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: GNU/GPL V3
MD5: 5e11f96e254d748b083f5ac12a21d286
Filesize: 94.6 kB
To download this file a Bronze Subscription or Silver Subscription or Gold Subscription or Profile Field Subscription is needed.
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Download Statistics:

Recent version: 129

All versions from site: 7831

All versions from repository: 6370

Total Downloads: 14201


2.4 (13 February 2020)

(!) CSS files minified
(#) Registry doesn't get restored if no user name was given (results in missing section id)

2.3 (13 June 2019)

(+) Usage of template storage
(-) Joomla 1.5 specific code removed
(!) Adaption to SobiPro 1.4 back-end layout
(!) Messages will be shown if field is wrongly configured
(!) Message will be shown if the field's ordering is wrong
(!) Entries ordering set to 'createdTime.desc'
(!) CSS file improved
(!) JS files compressed
(!) If user ignores the message that a username and/or email address already exists, a final message is shown that no user was created (Issue #1)
(!) The user contributions field data contain not longer the data of the profile field (unnecessary)

(#) page-header class usage corrected; lead class removed
(#) Changing password leads to "Cannot save fields data. Cannot unserialize raw (?) encoded variable." (Issue #2)

2.2 (14 April 2016)

(#) Only one related entry shown in the user's entry in the profile section

2.1 (23 March 2016)

(+) Additional CSS class node attributes in entry form (css-edit) and details view (css-view)
(+) Different default class selectors
(+) Possibility to switch the field label off in entry form
(+) Possibility to add an description in the entry form
(+) Bootbox for Bootstrap 3
(+) Catalan, Danish, Indonesian, Latvian, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese, Romanian and Slovak languages added (thanks to our translation teams)
(some languages are translated only partially)
(!) CSS file now for backend only
(!) Template modifications for default3 template
(!) Layout improvements
(#) Assigned author isn't visible in the profile field in the back-end (Issue #1168)
(#) Template file is not being copied to the actual section's template (Issue #1186)
(#) Can't save entry with profile field in output mode (Issue #1532)
(#) Option to set profile field as required is gone (Issue #1360)
(#) Field in backend entry form doesn't get the set width
(#) The owner of an entry set in the field has priority over the entry owner set in the publishing data
(#) Entries assigned to fake users don't appear in the user contributions (Issue #1599)

2.0 (23 September 2013)

(+) SobiPro 1.1 compatibility
(+) Arabic, Persian, Croatian, Italian and Thai languages added (thanks to our translation teams)
(some languages are translated only partially)
(!) Password (encrypted) is not longer stored in fields data table
(!) UI changed to Bootstrap
(!) Revised author choosing script in administrator area
(#) No possibility to remove selected author
(#) Newly added entry is not assigned to the created user
(#) Workaround for bug in SobiPro removed, since it has been fixed in SobiPro and the workaround is causing issues now

0.7 (30 August 2012)

(+) Czech, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese languages added
(#) Auto publishing entries does work correctly with profile field (issue 633)
(#) Conflict with contact form field (issue 689)

0.6 (4 February 2012)

(+) Bulgarian, Finnish, French and Swedish languages added
(+) Possibility to skip user creation while creating a profile in administrator area
(+) Manual entries author override in the administrator area
(!) Text (EN/DE/PL) changed for better understanding
(#) Profile field in output mode prevents correct approval
(#) Wrong behavior while creating a profile in administrator area
(#) JavaScript validation doesn't work in administrator area

0.5 first public release (25 October 2011)

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