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SobiPro Announcement
The first BETA version of SobiPro 2.0 is here to test!

As an active customer download the full version of SobiPro from the description page or as a vistor download the demo version.

Please note that this release should not be used on production sites!

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The SobiPackages Template

The SobiPackages Template

The SobiPackages Template is an advanced Business Directory template for SobiPro. It is based on the default SobiPro template V4.2 with Bootstrap 3 support, but using Font Awesome 4 icons, and adds the same Business Directory as delivered with the full version of SobiPro.

The SobiPackages Template is prepared to let your user select a Basic, Silver or Gold package while adding an entry. The difference between these packages can be the time an entry is published and/or the fields the user can fill in and/or the price for each package.

SobiPackages contains the following features:

  • Different prices for each package, including 'free of charge'
  • Different duration times for each package, including 'unlimited'
  • Different fields available for each package
  • Number of packages can be changed by template modifications
  • Packages name can be changed by template modifications

Available languages:

English (en-GB)German (de-DE)Italian (it-IT)Latvian (lv-LV)Polish (pl-PL)Spanish (es-ES)Swedish (sv-SE)Turkish (tr-TR)

Due to the nature of templates an update as you know it from SobiPro, modules or applications is not possible for templates.

If you want to "update" a template you need a comparision and merge tool and need to know the meaning of the files. Good free tools are for example DiffMerge or for Windows user WinMerge.

Also you need to consider if that it is possible that the fields structure has changed.

There is no rule available on how to "update" a template as that depends on many factors. If you have modified such a template and if you have documented these modifications, it is probably better to use the new template and add your modifications there.

Also we can help you here. Check out our Individual Support Services, which include template customisation.

SInstallation of SobiPackages

Install and configure the SobiPackages template

SConfiguration of SobiPackages

Changing parameters of the packages; renaming, deleting and adding packages

STemplate Settings V4 (as used in SobiPackages)

Template Settings for the SobiPackages template

freeFile Structure of the default Template

The file structure of the default SobiPro template included in the SobiPro package


Typography of SobiPro's default template

SCreate a custom colour set

Description for creating your own custom colour set for a SobiPro template

SGeneral Template Configuration File

Elements of the SobiPro template configuration files
Version: 2.0
Joomla 3.xSobiPro 1.4.9
Last update: 15 January 2019
Author: Sigrid & Radek Suski
License: Sigsiu.NET Template License V1
MD5: 5b206a932debea1eba02ae78b20c30e7
Filesize: 242.9 kB
To download this file a Gold Subscription is needed.


  • at least SobiPro 1.4.9
  • at least Calendar Field 2.3
Download Statistics:

Recent version: 130

All versions from site: 2073

All versions from repository: 1448

Total Downloads: 3521

Changelog: 2.0 (15 January 2019)
(!) Based on default4 template with Font Awesome 4

1.0 (04 February 2014)
(+) first public release; enhancement of Price Packages script

freeSDocument available for free or for subscribers. You have access.

SDocument available for subscribers only. You do not have access.

Copyright (C) 2006-2021 Sigsiu.NET GmbH ( All rights reserved.

This documentation and all images therein are copyrighted and protected by law. You may not publish, distribute or sell them, or parts of it, without explicit written permission of Sigsiu.NET GmbH.

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