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Difference between Sobi versions

SobiPro and Sobi2 are both directory components developed by us. SobiPro is the follower of Sobi2 but developed from scratch. In the meantime a more advanced SobiPro version, SobiPro 1.1, is available.
There are detailed descriptions available for SobiPro and Sobi2. Learn also what is New in SobiPro 1.0 and New in SobiPro 1.1.

SobiPro 1.1 SobiPro 1.0 Sobi2
Component Type Multi-Directory Multi-Directory Directory
No. of directories unlimited unlimited 1
Price free free free
Joomla! 3.0/3.1/3.2 yes no no
Joomla! 2.5 yes1 yes1 no
Joomla! 1.5 no yes yes
Uses Joomla! Updater yes no no
Stable Release Date 28 June 2013 28 September 2011 3 October 2006
Actual version 1.1.8 stable 1.0.8 stable stable
Last Release Date 30 March 2014 6 August 2012 18 July 2012
Available Languages2 11(27) 27 35
1) Joomla! 1.6/1.7 is not longer supported; 2) dated March 2014
Custom Fields
Fields Manager yes yes yes
Core Field Types 10 9 7
Additional Field Types yes1 yes1 no
1) installable via Application Manager
Data Management
Data Structure XML XML PHP
Data Filters yes1 yes1 no
HTML Filter yes yes yes
Nested Categories yes yes yes
Category Depth unlimited unlimited unlimited
Frontend Entry Submission yes yes yes
1) extendable by own filters
Access Control
ACL yes yes no
403 Redirect/Number yes/6 yes/3 yes
Edit Control1 yes yes no
1) user changes visible first after approval
Listings Management
Entry Sorting advanced1 advanced1 basic
Tags yes2 yes2 yes3
Alpha Index yes yes yes
Alpha Index Field adjustable adjustable entry/category name
1) sorting by fields; 2) via application; 3) integrated
Views & Menu Items
User's Listings yes no1 yes
Listings by Date yes no no
Section Menu Item yes yes no
Category Menu Item yes yes yes
Entry Menu Item yes no no
Search Menu Item yes yes yes
Add Entry Menu Item yes yes yes
1) list of entries via template possible
Search Functionality
Search Function yes yes yes
Search Select Lists yes yes yes
Search Multiple Select Lists yes1 yes1 no
Search Checkboxes yes1 yes1 no
Search Radio Buttons yes1 yes1 no
Priority Search yes yes no
Second Search Ordering yes no no
Range Search yes yes no
Category Search yes no yes
Search Results on Map yes2 yes2 no
1) depends on the field type; 2) via application
Payment Settings
Pay-per-Field Option yes yes yes
Currency Sign/Format adjustable adjustable adjustable
Tax Calculation yes yes no
Paypal Gateway integrated integrated integrated
Template System yes yes yes
Templates for all views all views main views (3)
Template Language yes yes no
Tableless/Mobile Ready yes yes no
Code Editor built-in built-in built-in
Template Overwrite yes1 yes no
Language Overwrite yes yes no
Configuration Overwrite yes yes no
Administrator Templates yes2 yes3 no
1) via menu link for diff. categories/entries 2) XML; 3) PHP, configuration
Add-On Interface yes yes yes
Available Add-Ons more than 601 more than 45 more than 80
Add-On Installer yes
Application Manager
Application Manager
Plugin Manager
Remote Installation yes yes no
Modular Concept yes yes no
1) rapidly growing; dated November 2013
Location Determination
Google Maps yes1 yes1 yes2
Geolocation yes3 yes3 no
1) via application; 2) integrated; 3) via application/browser
Error Handling and Cache
Debug/Error Logging yes yes yes
System Check yes yes yes
Inspect Raw XML Data yes yes -
Raw XML Data limited to IP yes no -
Data Accelerator/Cache yes yes yes
View Cache yes no no
CSS/Javascript Cache yes yes no
SobiPro - Joomla! Directory Extension