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What's new in SobiPro 1.0

Built on the success of the Sobi2 Directory Component, SobiPro is the next generation of content construction for Joomla! Built from the ground up, SobiPro has many new features that make it more flexible, more powerful and the perfect choice for many Joomla! powered website projects.

Overview of What's New in SobiPro 1.0

  • Sections - Multiple Content Types
  • Custom SobiPro Templates for all Pages and Views
  • ACL - Access Control List
  • Redesigned Custom Fields Manager
  • Integrated Application Installer
  • Automatic Updates through SobiPro Repository
  • Administration Templates
  • Available for Joomla! 1.5, Joomla! 1.6/1.7 and Joomla! 2.5

SobiPro was originally designed to be used as a directory component. Now with custom fields, advanced search, and all new features like ACL, multiple content sections and the extended SobiPro template system, the possibilities are endless!

SobiPro Developed From Success of Sobi2

In late 2009, The development team at Sigsiu.NET realized it was necessary to set their sights on an all new Joomla! component; Sobi2 had reached its limits of expandability. Through extensive user research and feedback, SobiPro development was set into motion with the first public Beta released in September of 2010. After extensive development and testing, SobiPro is available and ready to install. The best part is, it's 100% Open Source and free to download and use.

New SobiPro Features and Improvements

Sections - Multiple Content

One of the major highlights of SobiPro is Sections to allow for multiple content with their own categories, custom fields, ACL, templates and advanced search. Clones are no longer needed!

With SobiPro, it's possible to create a directory for products, but also a list of suppliers with different custom fields and templates, with yet another section for news, and even a download section for product manuals. All created within 1 installation of the SobiPro component.

Custom Templates for all Pages and Views

SobiPro now has the ability to customize every single page and view with it's own template thanks to the expanded SobiPro template system. There are not only templates for details view, V-card and add entry form, but also templates for the complete category view, the search page and results, and for each special view like user entries, popular entries etc…

SobiPro now features table-less output in the default template for all views!

Administration Updates and Improvements

ACL - Access Control Lists for SobiPro Functions

By defining rules, access to different functions can be allowed or disallowed for each Joomla! user group. Access control can be defined separately for each SobiPro section.

You can define a specific rule that allow members of the group “Manager” and “Author” in the "Product Directory" section may edit all entries, but not in the "News and Info" section. Currently the groups are based on Joomla! user groups. In future versions of SobiPro, a definition of own groups will be possible.

Redesigned Custom Fields Manager

No longer does SobiPro require proprietary fields like image and icon, meta key and meta description or title. All fields will be now created by the fields manager.

New field types will be defined by field applications. That means, no core code changes or re-installation of SobiPro are necessary to add new field types.

Here's a quick look at several new field types available in SobiPro:

  • input box - set field length, unique data, show in admin overview
  • text area - turn on/off WYSIWYG editor, field length, parse content (Joomla! content plug-ins), allow HTML tags and set HTML attributes
  • check-box - single check-box to display predefined data
  • check-box group - group of check boxes to show multiple data
  • single select list - with or without option groups
  • multiple select list - allow users to select more than one item from a list
  • radio button - to check only one item from a list
  • image - set max. file size, keep original file, resize image (two sizes), name of thumbnail, image store path, allowed view
  • URL - validate URL, allowed protocols, open w/o new window, add separate title, unique data
  • email - add separate title, unique data, validate MX record, w/o bot protection

Filters, Meta Data and Search Result Priority

Almost any field can be added to the page's meta description and nearly all fields have a data input filter for float values (currency), single letters, alphabetic strings, alphanumerical strings, decimal (numerical only) or email address. Additional filters can be defined by the administrator. Additionally the fields can be set to show in search results and a search priority can be set as well.

Improvement of the Advanced Search Function

The search form in SobiPro does not rely on AJAX as in Sobi2. This will allow site integrators and developers to modify the look and layout of the search feature, among other advantages. The SobiPro search will support the usage of select lists like Sobi2, but now you have the added feature of check-boxes.

With the implementation of the 'range search' functionality, a search for all values within a defined range will be possible.

Implementation of field priority for search results. E.g. it will be possible to give the title field a higher priority. With this all results with the search string found in title are shown first.

In conjunction with the Geo module, the search results are shown on a Google map.

Administration View Templates

For developers who want to change the look and feel of the SobiPro Admin, there are now PHP templates for back-end (administration) implemented, so that SobiPro administration can be customized and adapted to your needs.

Package Pricing

You can still add prices to each custom field, but now in SobiPro, you can implement price packages via template modifications. With this, membership packages (e.g. gold, silver, bronze) will be possible.

Approval of changes

If set by the administrator, changes made by users won't be published immediately. Changed entries remain unchanged until approved by administrator.

Sort by field

V-cards can now be sorted by each custom field where sorting is applicable.

Automatic Updates through SobiPro Repository

You will never have to worry about downloading and installing the latest SobiPro updates or applications. With the built-in Repository and your SobiPro Club Membership, you can automatically fetch and install updates without ever leaving your Joomla! Admin screen. Just point, click and your done!

Standardized software installer

Each add-on for SobiPro will be installed with same installer. This means, use the same SobiPro installer to install language packages, templates, SobiPro applications, plug-ins and modules.

Multi-language capability

SobiPro supports multi-language capability. A SobiPro application for content translation will be available in future.

GPLv3 License

SobiPro is released under GNU/GPL V3 license and it is available for free!

Please note, that not all of the above mentioned features are implemented in the first versions of SobiPro.

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