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Author: Radek Suski und Sigrid Suski
Author URL:
Compatible: Joomla! 1.5 Native
License: GNU/GPL
Filesize: 1465 kBytes
Date: 18.7.2012
Downloads: 17316

Sobi2 - Content Construction and Directory Component for Joomla!.
Already in 2006, as no one talks about CCK for the content management system Joomla! Sigsiu.NET developed a component for Joomla! which has content construction support. Designed as a business directory (online business index) Sobi2 could already be used for every kind of directory. Therefore everything what the operator of a website wants to get listed in a directory like companies, clubs, persons, shops or products can be created.

Content Construction using Sobi2 Fields Manager

All fields which are necessary for your directory can be created easily using the Fields Manager. There are several field types to choose from like text input fields, text areas (w/o WYSIWYG editor), check boxes, check box groups, select lists (drop down lists), simple text fields or a calendar field.

For text inputs fields there are additional settings available. You can define a text input field to be used for an URL address, an email address, a link to an image or to a video/audio file. According to this setting the entered data will be shown in the views with the necessary syntactical format.

During installation, Sobi2 creates by default several custom fields for a business directory. You can easily extend them by any number of your own fields. Or you can simply delete these standard fields and create your own fields.

See here for upgrading instructions.

Installation package for Joomla! 1.5.x.


Requirements for Sobi2.
In order to use Sobi2 on your server there are some requirements which have to be met.

  • Joomla 1.5 (legacy or native) installed****
  • Installation of Sobi2 on Joomla! 1.5 has to be made with FTP layer OFF (disabled) if the web server PHP interface is apache or apache2handler
  • PHP 5* (recommended PHP 5.2.6+)
  • MySQL 4 (> 4.1.21) or MySQL 5 (recommended)**
  • Apache Webserver*** (version 2.x+ recommended) with apache2handler or cgi/fcgi (recommended) PHP interface
  • Safe Mode OFF
  • GD library installed
  • ECMA standard encoding (ISO/IEC 8859 and UTF-8)
  • For Non-UTF-8 sites with special characters: Iconv library or mbstring module installed
  • Java Script activated

* Does not work on PHP 4 and PHP 5.4 or greater.
** Sobi2 is not compatible with MySQL 6.x.
*** Sobi2 is optimized for Apache, Microsoft IIS is not officially supported.
****Joomla! 2.5/3.0 is not supported.

Date added: 1.9.2007
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