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Russian language package updated

Russian language package updated

Our Russian translation team is proud to announce the update of the translation of the Russian language package.

We say thank you to Fassendek who revised and improved the Russian translations.

We now provide all translations also in our Git repository and issue tracker. This includes the core language files and the languages files for applications.

All SobiPro translations are done via Transifex, an online tool for translation. If you want to help in translation of your favourite Joomla! component, sign up at Transifex for free and join the Russian SobiPro Team.

We are creating regularly installable language packages from the translations made at Transifex. You will find the Russian language package at the official Russian language page or get it directly within your SobiPro back-end from our repository.

As long as a language file for an application is not yet published, you can grab the translation directly from our Git repository and issue tracker.

Help localising the official Russian language page by translating the localised texts.

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