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SobiPro is the most advanced Multi-Directory Component for Joomla!
With only one SobiPro installation, you can build any kind of content on your website. It is flexible, fully customisable and mobile friendly.

SobiPackages 2.0 available!

SobiPackages 2.0 available!

We created an installable template package for the standard Business Directory with price packages. It is based on the default SobiPro template V4.2 with Bootstrap 3 support, but using Font Awesome 4 icons.

Do you want to sell different price and/or time packages? Just use this template as it includes all you need for that. Even a free package can be created.

SobiPackages contains the following features:

  • Different prices for each package, including 'free of charge'
  • Different duration times for each package, including 'unlimited'
  • Different fields available for each package
  • Number of packages can be changed by template modifications
  • Packages name can be changed by template modifications

Please note, a template can not be updated. If you use SobiPackages 1.0, do not simply overwrite it. If you want to use SobiPackages 2.0, you need to update it manually!

The SobiPackages template is available for Silver and Gold subscribers.
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