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SobiPro 1.4.10 released

SobiPro 1.4.10 released

SobiPro 1.4.10 released. This is a maintenance release.

This version of SobiPro fixes the problem that you cannot longer use SobiPro with Joomla 3.9.3 due to our tgz packed phar framework. For the moment we removed using phar at all, also because of the changes made in the last releases of PHP which don't let us properly detect if phar is working on a server or not.

Additionally this version fixes several bugs and is prepared for the upcoming update of the Collection application.

SobiPro 1.4.10 is hopefully the last version of the 1.4.x series so we can start with SobiPro 1.5 soon.

Please check also the full changelog list for all changes and bug fixes.

SobiPro version 1.4.10 needs framework version 1.0.9 which is included in the SobiPro installation package.

It is highly recommended to update SobiPro!

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