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SP-GeoMap Module 2.5 released

SP-GeoMap Module 2.5 released

Version 2.5 of the SP-GeoMap Module is available to download and in repository. This version supports now OpenStreetMap + Leaflet map provider.

The SP-GeoMap Module for SobiPro allows to show entries of a SobiPro directory (section) on a geographical map in a Joomla module position. A customizable info window using a XSLT template within the module can be used to show data of the specific entry.

As alraedy the SP-GeoMap field supports OpenStreetMap + Leaflet map provider, you can now switch completely to this map provider. This first version of the OpenStreetMap + Leaflet map does not include the entry specific and the category dependent custom marker, but will be added later. However, you can already define a fixed custom marker. The map includes all other non-Google specific features, like clustering.

More information are available in the Changelog of the application.

The SP-GeoMap Module is available for Bronze, Silver and Gold subscribers.
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