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SOBI 2 Beta 2.1 released

SOBI 2 Beta 2.1 released

Today we released the second Beta version of SOBI2.

Following changes were made:


  1. New Submenu "All Entries" in Entries & Categories Section of Backend
  2. Email Processing - on add new entry, on update, on approved. For author and/or admin (adjustable)
  3. Changes made in CSS file
  4. Changes made in languages files (english.php and admin.english.php)
  5. Language Manager to install a new language
  6. Adding German language support
  7. Expired Entries are marked as expired
  8. SQL injection filter
  9. Max. file size for uploaded files is configurable (2.1)
  10. Searching, using a "*" lists all entries which are selected over select boxes (2.1)
  11. Uploaded images are deleted if entry was deleted (2.1)


  1. Reordering in Backend->Entries & Categories by pressing the reorder button works now
  2. "Error in sobi2.php about line 255 - 264 => missing custom fields data" fixed
  3. The maximum length of the left sided menu in the backend is limited to 500px now
  4. missing tabs in backend are shown now
  5. Backend->New Entry Configuration->Safety Configuration "Label for Terms of Use Part 2" is now changeable
  6. Error shown if an unpublished field is set as "Required" fixed
  7. Redirecting after wrong security code was entered fixed
  8. Backend sorting order of the category trees fixed
  9. Backend->About: changes made to work with IIS (untested)
  10. If a field is set to unpublish, even in "old" entries this field isn't shown not longer
  11. Alt-Tag shown in details view if no image was given fixed
  12. Frontend alerts "duplicate entry" and "wrong security code" now as messages instead of popup
  13. If no InnoDB engine support is available, the MyISAM engine will be used
  14. Backend texts are not longer centered if using Opera
  15. The "Switching Language" feature now works
  16. Java Script error messages in IE and FF 2.0 Beta fixed
  17. Missing Publishing tag content for Edit Entry in IE and Opera fixed
  18. Special Characters are now shown correctly
  19. No expiration date (0 or none) works now
  20. Error uploading images in frontend fixed, file permissions are set correctly now
  21. Error with security image fixed
  22. Conflict with JosComment (class form) fixed
  23. Wrong display of last subcategories in backend tree fixed
  24. Works now with Mambo
  25. Missing Save and Cancel Button while editing fields fixed
  26. Error with Searching fixed
  27. Special Character & is now shown correctly (2.01)
  28. Possibility to switch Rico (Java Script menu of SOBI2) off (2.01)
  29. Sort by order asc and desc fixed (2.02)
  30. Categories sort order in edit form and menu module (2.1)

Please take note that you have to completely remove the Beta 1 version before you can install Beta 2. Through SOBI2->Configuration->Uninstall SOBI and than Joomla->Installers->Components: Uninstall SOBI2 Component.

Or at least you have to remove the "#__sobi2_language" table. It will remove also all custom fields you made.

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