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Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 RC2.5 released

Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 RC2.5 released

Today we released Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 RC2.5


# Bugfix: Fixed problem with third party SEF extensions
# Bugfix: Reference field in Payment options not longer too big
# Bugfix: Table width of Details View can be changed now
# Bugfix: Image uploading problems with upper case extensions fixed
# Bugfix: Email on payment (Currency twice)
# Bugfix: On installation: creating path for images via mosMakePath() to get right permissions
# Bugfix: Fixed bug in search, if looking for a string in title or meta but not in drop'n'down list
# Bugfix: Fixed problem with quotes in frontend edit form
# Bugfix: Images in cards view are shown now if adjusted
# Bugfix: Fixing problem that email texts is other languages than German and English coud not be saved
# Bugfix: Corrections made in German language files (Umlauts and Java Script)
# Bugfix: Edit and Delete Buttons for registered users are shown now even in search results
# Bugfix: Editing field in Fields Manager using toolbar menu button now works
# Bugfix: SOBI2 entries in Pathway work now even if SOBI2 menu module is shown
! Change: If a paid field is set empty it will be charged again if it is used again
! Change: Adoptions of CSS and language files
+ Add: Plugin Manager and Plugin Interface for 3th party plugins
+ Add: Possibillity for user to choose own background for every entry
+ Add: User type Manager can administrate SOBI2 in backend (needs Quick Icons or according component)
+ Add: Details View can be configured to be shown only to registered users
+ Add: Entries in backend can be filtered now
+ Add: Back button and componentheading suffix adjustable via menu
+ Add: Extension for openSEF (sef_ext.php)
+ Add: New URL field type - linked image
+ Add: New field type - boolean checkbox

Download the new SOBI2 version in our Download Section.

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