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SOBI2 RC2.5.8 released

SOBI2 RC2.5.8 released

Today we released SOBI2 RC2.5.8.


# Bugfix: Error (notice) if media data field is empty fixed
# Bugfix: Errors in error logging function fixed
# Bugfix: Size of category tree in edit entry in backend adjusted in CSS
# Bugfix: Missing email footer in payment email
# Bugfix: String coding errors for special charachters (search function and inputboxes)
# Bugfix: No SEF translation if wrong security code
# Bugfix: Fix for PHP < 5.0 (payment.class.php)
# Bugfix: Cleaning strings for meta keywords and description
+ Add: RSS Feeds for each category (latest 10 entries)
+ Add: CSS class/id for labels in category view, details view and search results
+ Add: Adding component name to meta keys and description

Download the new SOBI2 version in our Download Section.

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