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SOBI2 RC2.6 (RC2.6a) released

SOBI2 RC2.6 (RC2.6a) released

Today we released SOBI2 RC2.6 (RC2.6a)


# Bugfix: Possibility to leave Background image and border fields free
# Bugfix: Fixed width of empty cells in category view
# Bugfix: Undefined variable in search results fixed
# Bugfix: Entities for Google Maps fixed
# Bugfix: Path to overlib_mini.js fixed
# Bugfix: Removed the video.field.php file
# Bugfix: Warning messages "open_basedir restriction in effect" during installation process
# Bugfix: Entries sort order "by ordering" fixed
# Bugfix: Removing directories/files when uninstalling a plugin
# Bugfix: Removing all installation files after new plugin installation
# Bugfix: Unpublished entries not longer counted in search function
# Bugfix: Showing category names in pathway even in details view
# Bugfix: Decimal places in "Fee for Basic Entry" fixed
# Bugfix: Special characters encoding in OpenSEF extension
# Bugfix: Tooltip in Add/Edit Entry form now without hyperlink
# Bugfix: Path for category view edit and delete buttons in IE6/7 fixed
# Bugfix: Empty meta keys and description bug if using apache < 2 fixed
+ Add: div container for payment info
+ Add: admpermission key in config table
+ Add: Error codes in plugin installer if error message is used more than once
+ Add: All SOBI2 PHP notices, warnings and errors are logged in a file
+ Add: Possibility to display all selected categories in details view template
+ Add: Support for and movies in linked media field.
! Change: Menu Module: No newline in case of dtree only (no add/search links)

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