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OpenSEF Plugin for SOBI2 released

OpenSEF Plugin for SOBI2 released

We developed a SOBI2 plugin to create search engine friendly URLs for SOBI2.
The plugin is for use with the OpenSEF SEF component.

A standard SOBI2 URL looks like that: com_sobi2&sobi2Task=sobi2Details&sobi2Id=1&Itemid=34

The SOBI2 OpenSEF plugin creates something like that: or

The created URLs are stored in the OpenSEF database tables. Therefore you are able to change them afterwards.
Some of the settings of OpenSEF will be used for creating the URLs. These settings are:
  • The replacements list
  • SEF:Replace Space Character
  • SEF:Remove Characters
  • SEF:Multi-Page Numbering
  • SEF:Multi-Page Prefix
  • Features:Use Content Auto-Mapping
  • Advanced:Enable Debug Mode
  • Advanced:Enable Debug for IP

The behaviour of the plugin can be changed via the SOBI2 administration panel.

You will find the plugin in our Download Section.

Requires at least OpenSEF 2.0.0-RC5_SP2 and SOBI2 RC2.8.0
Install it in the Plugin Manager of SOBI2

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