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Sigsiu.NET is a company located in Germany. The team behind SobiPro consists of people who created SobiPro with passion and love and who are giving their best to serve the users who decided to use a great, sophisticated and professional product.

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Radek Suski


Born in Poland, Radek has been living in Germany for the past nineteen years.
Since 2006 Radek is providing high quality extensions for Joomla. He studied Science of Informatics at Hochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences, and works full time for the Sobi projects.

As the development leader, Radek is the mastermind for developing SobiPro and the additional applications. As the system administrator he is also responsible for the setup and maintenance of our servers.

Radek is former First Chairman of the PCJ Open Source Foundation Council, member of the German J and Beyond e.V., former OSM Board Member and former department coordinator of the Joomla Marketing & Communication Department and the Operations Department.
His Joomla involvement included contributions to the work of the Bug Squad. Radek was also member of several Joomla teams and working groups.
Currently he is Officer in the Joomla Board of Directors holding the position of the Treasurer.
Radek is a passionate bee-keeper and photograph.

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