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Sigsiu.NET is a company located in Germany. The team behind SobiPro consists of people who created SobiPro with passion and love and who are giving their best to serve the users who decided to use a great, sophisticated and professional product.

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Sławek Sikora


Sławek lives in Poland in the industrial city Zabrze in the Upper Silesian region.
He studied informatics on the Silesian Institute of Technology before he started to work as an IT specialist in the User Service department of a big shopping centre.

Already in 2009 Sławek helped Sobi2 and SobiPro users in the Sigsiu.NET forums, where he soon became a forum moderator. Due to his ongoing work with the Sobi components he gathered a lot of experiences with SobiPro.
Since 2011 he works full time to support and assist the SobiPro users and in testing of SobiPro software.

Sławek is member of the PCJ Open Source Foundation. His Joomla! involvement includes the position of the team leader of the Joomla! Template Directory as well as being member of the Joomla! CMS Release Team.

Sławek spends his free time with his family, biking and enjoys virtual flying.

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