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Easy template with placeholder


Submitted at:  10 January 2017 04:29:08

Make the templating easier with a wysiwyg editor and using placeholders for fields

This submission has been accepted.

Implementation details:

We are going to implement some editor to add fields to predefined areas. Placeholders are not necessary, as they already exist in form of a template snippet to use. Read more at Input Box Field Nodes (Views): Simplified Access

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On 9 Aug 2017, Natalie Germeshausen commented:   

Simplified templating would be a great feature!
On 19 Feb 2017, Ernst Willand commented:   

Difficult template devellopment ist the biggest disadvatage of SobiPro
On 27 Jan 2017, Sean Dettmer commented:   

Simplified templating would be great. Using an editor sounds like an excellent idea.
On 20 Jan 2017, Wilfried Jüngel commented:   

Templating must be easyer!
On 14 Jan 2017, Andreas Bochmann commented:   

Templating is extremely difficult for the end-user (webmaster), unless there are skills in programming available...
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