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Entry Reference Field


Submitted at:  10 January 2017 16:03:49

This app already exists, but has been discontinued. What's more, it would be interesting to be a native SobiPro function.

This is a field where you can choose one or more entries from other sections in the add form.

This feature is interesting in the case of directory for companies that want to list their products, for example. Or even who publishes articles, would be a way to point out related articles.

If someone wants to reference the application that has been discontinued, it is this:

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On 6 Jun 2017, Ernst Willand commented:   

I just suggested a kind of "Pedigree-Applikation" which may be exactly used for that purpose as well and at the same time may be used by the Admin to define a complete network of dependancies to be shown
... like e.g. family trees or "bloodlines" of evolution or devellopment of "things"
Connectivity and the interrelation of peolple or things (generally entries) is the future ... networking definitely counts more and more!
On 3 Apr 2017, Scott Young commented:   

This is something almost every other directory component has. This would complete the functionality of the SOBI PRO product and make it a clear leader.
On 22 Feb 2017, Thomas Kühn commented:   

This is a must have feature.
On 28 Jan 2017, Ralf Schwertfeger commented:   

Very nice idea! I would find it very helpful! Great!
On 25 Jan 2017, Chris commented:   

This feature would be great. The ability to add related items to an entry from within the same section or a different one would something I could use.
On 13 Jan 2017, Rodrigo Antonio da Silva commented:   

This feature will be very useful for most of the sites I develop and will certainly make life easier for many other developers.
On 13 Jan 2017, Manuel Enrique Cubilette commented:   

That would be interesting, Before I had a modified version of this plugin where I could choose a specific product (entry), well in case I was able to choose a movie poster along with the movie name, when user click on the image its went to the movie details view to see trailer, cast, sinopsis etc. Its really a very helpful addon, user can used to reference a specific product, news, and for cars seller it could be great because to can link a specific car model.
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