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New application

Advanced search plug-in for joomla Core


Submitted at:  13 January 2017 11:00:24

A plug-in for the advanced search Joomla functions in order to find SobiPro entries whith other results when a user make a search in the website.

Developer note:

This plugin already exists free of charge: SobiPro Search Plugin

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On 13 Jun 2018, Hans Ole Benonisen commented:   

If SobiPro is used in a webpage containing several different components it is today not specially useful as long as you can't get any results when searching in the "universal" search engine for the site.
On 15 Mar 2017, Andrea Sanavia commented:   

Very useful in order to simplify users searches.
On 31 Jan 2017, Michael Schramm commented:   

Yes, this would be very useful for new visitors who initially do not understand that the specific directory search has a separate menu item.
In general, this simplifies a simple text search.
On 18 Jan 2017, OLIVIER Nicolas commented:   

It's a must have for unifying our search results (articles, contacts...)
On 14 Jan 2017, Andreas Bochmann commented:   

Search functions are absolutely critical for a powerful directory tool as Sobipro. Unfortunately it still is one of te weak points. Especially some geo search functions should be implemented in a reliable way.
On 13 Jan 2017, claudio pozzi commented:   

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