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SP-GeoMap Module

Radius Search with listing display




Submitted at:  20 January 2017 01:29:12

A module to display local listings within a pre-defined radius of the main selected listing.

This submission has been accepted.

Developer note:

No module for that, but implemented in the search.

Estimated implementation: SobiPro v1.5.1 and SP-GeoMap Field v3.7

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On 23 Mar 2017, Ralf Schwertfeger commented:   

jep, great!
On 16 Mar 2017, Fred Wilson commented:   

Proximity and Radius are two different things. Radius is a needed function of SOBIPro
On 19 Feb 2017, Ernst Willand commented:   

very useful
On 31 Jan 2017, Michael Schramm commented:   

It would be great. I am currently using a third-party software for "nearby entries", but I would like everything from one source.
On 29 Jan 2017, CON-TACTE GmbH & Co. KG commented:   

jeep, wäre toll
On 26 Jan 2017, Garry Purcell commented:   

Very Handy for visitors to check what else is close to the location they have selected
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