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Save Button at Bottom of Backend Edit Listing




Submitted at:  21 January 2017 12:38:39

There should be a button at the bottom of the Edit Entry in the backend
Its a pain to have to scroll to the top, to save any alterations that need to be made.

This submission has been accepted.

Developer note:

To quick save an entry, press cmd-S (Mac) or ctrl-S (PC).
If your entry consists of many fields, an idea would be to create your own back-end template for that section using tabs. Please get in touch with our support to get help with creating your own back-end template.

Update: in SobiPro 2.0 the toolbar with the save button is sticky.
Estimated implementation: SobiPro 2.0

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On 22 Jun 2017, Charlie Butler commented:   

I like this too for a default setup. I realize you could change your template, but it seems like it would be a commonly used enhancement. I don't see any drawbacks of implementation.
On 6 Jun 2017, Ernst Willand commented:   

usefull, but can be done in the template ...
in my modified Reastara-Template I have a second "Save"-Button at the end of the long list of input-fields to avoid the need of scrolling all up to save the entry
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