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Meta Page Titles




Submitted at:  25 January 2017 12:15:51

Input or feature to allow the editing of SobiPro meta page titles.

This submission has been accepted.

Implementation details:

This submission has been rejected as it can be already done with the current SobiPro.

Available information:
How to add meta data for the section view, the input form and the search form and how to create your own meta tags: General Section Configuration (Meta Data)
How to add the content of a field automatically to the meta data (e.g. for the Input Box Field): Configuration of the Input Box Field
How to add meta data to a category: Add or Edit a Category
The title tag is generated from the data you enter for your entries and the configuration settings for the title. To create a different title for the entries, PHP functions (e.g. setTitle) can be used: PHP in SobiPro Templates.

Developer note:

Please get in touch with our support to get help with creating your own title tag.
Estimated implementation: already implemented

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