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SP-GeoMap Field

SP-GeoMap : possibility to add multiple markers to one entry


Submitted at:  27 January 2017 14:15:59


I would find it nice to have the possibility to add multiple markers to an entry.

For example, I have a directory with people giving yoga classes : one person gives the same yoga class at multiple locations.

For the moment, one can create several address fields, but only one of them is shown on the map.

Thank you for taking that into consideration in further developments (and thank you for this great component).

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On 25 Aug 2017, Gabriel Agustín Garay Opaso commented:   

On 31 May 2017, Ernst Willand commented:   

in same cases really usefuluseful
On 30 Mar 2017, Fabian Mendoza commented:   

This is pretty important to a directory managing clients with offices in more than one place. Hope it can be developed.
On 13 Mar 2017, Brett Morcom commented:   

yes I need this :)
On 30 Jan 2017, Mireille Dondlinger commented:   

Would be very useful :-)
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