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New application

'LISTING FIELD' (a new field)


Submitted at:  31 January 2017 16:27:24

Sometimes there is a need for a company to add a 'list' of items in an ordered manner, and display that in a table. For example specifications, sizes, dimensions etc, listed in columns. The idea here is not to add numerous text fields (which will do the job) but to have ONE field only. The comparison I am making is in the Restaurant template. There, we have 'opening hours' which is in effect a 'list' as follows:

Opening Hours:
Friday 18:00 - 24:00 (we have 2 options here... 'day' and 'time')
Saturday 15:00 - 24:00
Sunday 15:00 - 24:00

On each line we are including two options, day and time. Then there is a small 'button' which gives the next 2 options on a separate line below: , ie Saturday + choose the hours..., then click and the next option gives the next line below:... Sunday + choose the hours.... then click the button and the next option gives another line.... Monday+choose the hours, and so on. So in effect we are building a 'list' of days and hours.

The above example already exists in the Restaurant Template.

It would be great if we had a field which could do something very similar.
It starts with the first line giving an option of 2 or even 3 'empty text boxes' (rather than filled with hours as is the case now). and a small 'button next to it which adds the next row, so we get:


[contents of first text box] [contents of second text box] [contents of third text box] (like Friday above) button for next line...
[contents of first text box] [contents of second text box] [contents of third text box] (like Sat above) line...
[contents of first text box] [contents of second text box] [contents of third text box] (like Sun above)

Ideal if this gave 2 or 3 EMPTY TEXT BOXES on each new line. Simple test boxes, nothing complicated.
So... to add items in rows we fill in the first row of boxes with whatever we want, CLICK the 'box' we get a new row of empty text boxes so we can fill in and get a second row.

This way we could have ONE FIELD, and our customers can build a tabular list.

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On 6 Jun 2017, Ernst Willand commented:   

This kind of field would especially make sense if the output is formatted as a table (with separating lines or not as an option) and if any line may be deleted seperately by the customer, while new lines to the table may be added at th e bottom of the table.
This is the functionality ot the Component of "EventTableEdit" for Joomla which might be used e.g. for a listing of upcoming events:
in this case the 1st column might be the date, 2nd column time, 3rd column place, 4th column event-description conditions price etc.
Events which are already over, or events with not enough registrations my be deleted line by line by the customer, and planned events may be added at the bottom of the table.
I like and use that nice funtionality of a table which can be modified by a user in the frontend and use it since several years on one of my homepages.
On 6 Mar 2017, Silvija Akrap commented:   

This would be very useful
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